So many ppl warned me that time would fly through this pregnancy.  I knew time flew but holy moly – how on earth did we get to over the halfway point already?

We had our “20” week scan @ 21 weeks on Monday and it was wonderful.  Such a divine scan with so much detail!  Clam measured ahead at around the 22 week mark for all his measurements and Dr K even said “he’s a big boy” but I’ve read enough to know that the measurements are not quite the holy grail we’re led to believe so for now I’m just reveling in the fact that he’s healthy and “passed” all the tests at the scan.

Now we reallyneed to start getting cracking on the baby’s room.  Need to clear it out, paint it, buy furniture and all that good stuff…

I still feel like I’m on the outside looking in on this experience… its so amazing and wonderful and I feel SO incredibly blessed.

So cheers to over halfway!


23 thoughts on “Halfway…

  1. Its just so awesome Sam. That 20 week scan is just the best and as you say now the fun stuff starts and then it begins to feel a bit more real. xxx


  2. How very exciting! If you suspect he is going to be a big baby, buy packs of nappies, but don’t open them because then you can return them to the store and swap them for a different size. Caitlyn lasted all of 1 week in newborn nappies before moving to another size (she was 4.7kg at birth) and Bianca took much longer to grown into things (she was 3.5kg at birth).

    Do you plan to have a theme for his room? I remember with Bianca we bought this pine cabinet that had shelves and a door. It was nice and wide and perfect for a change station. We even stained it ourselves :-). For Caitlyn we bought one of those baths that is also a change station and the stupid wheels kept coming off. We didn’t actually use it a very long time.

    Oh how this post brings back memories. So exciting Sam. Before you know it your little man will be here 🙂


  3. Oh how exciting! Putting the room together must be so fulfilling ….like a dream. Enjoy it! Do you have a theme? You must swing by Kids Emporium in the Sevens center in four ways their stuff is really so nice.


  4. Happy shopping my friend! Enjoy every moment – it really starts to feel real now, and before you wipe out your eyes again, you will be holding your little clam.
    Don’t leave the nursery too late. You will run out of energy at the end again, so make use of your nesting feelings now.


  5. Pregnancy is a very special time for moms to be…enjoy it!!!
    I remember with both my pregnancy’s just how much I would look forward to the scans, it’s really special to see a baby growing inside you 🙂


  6. Oh wow! This is such great news! I am miles behind… I had NO IDEA you were pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS! And so far along, to boot. What a blessing.

    I am so glad everything is going so well. Pregnancy is VERY surreal… even up until the hand you the newborn and you’re walking out the doors with him. Like, really? Did they just give me this baby? It gets more real as life goes on, every day, and it continues to get sweeter and better. Enjoy the ride!



  7. I always loved the 20 week scan. So much to see, but even with my second, I still look at the doc’s face for his reaction as he pokes and prods during the scan. Relaxed face and cracking jokes means everything is good. 🙂
    As for the baby’s room, just get done what you can. I went nuts and finished the whole room before Cailin was born and then realized I had at least 3 months more time to do things because she stayed with us in our room for those first 3 months.
    Of course, it was a lot of fun to do it, so enjoy decorating and getting all of the baby stuff. You only get the first kid once so have fun. 🙂


  8. Congrats on reaching the half-way mark. I am glad that all is well with your LO and tthat all is on track !! Yay for the nursery and getting cute and useful things… Enjoy these very precious moments.


  9. Happy Halfway Sam!! Baby Clam will be here real soon! Enjoy doing the nursery, I loved that bit!!!

    My sister is now 42 weeks preggers and they’re only inducing on Saturday when she’ll be 2 1/2 weeks overdue! Please spare her a prayer and thought she’s going through hell! Baby weighs a whopping 4.6kg!


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