Why I went Unprivate….

I had many reasons for wanting to go private on this blog. 

But with time and a bit of perspective, I’ve realised that the reasons I had were all “bullshit”.

Fact is there was stuff that I had intended on discussing here that I did not want “certain ppl” to see.  But the things that I was doing to discuss here, they are not for this place.  I’ve journaled about those things, prayed about those things, I’ve soul searched about those things and after some deep thinking over my holiday, I’ve decided to leave those things where they belong.  Firmly in the past.

So the things I wanted to discuss and put out here to “set the record straight” will not get air time on this blog.  Ever. 

Cos I’m better than that.  And I know the decisions I’ve made and the outcomes of my journaling, praying and soul searching were right for me and my husband and my family. 

So.  I’m back in the wide open spaces of the internet. 

It feels good to know that I am free to say what I need to say here, without fear of retribution, without worry that what I have to say will be miscontrued and taken back to “certain ppl” (especially my family who I would NEVER want to hurt in any way)  in the incorrect manner. 

I’ve always been an honest person.  Upfront and “out there”.  This is me, back to everyone to see – warts and all.

It feels pretty darn good actually.


16 thoughts on “Why I went Unprivate….

  1. well i haven’t had access to your blog cos i didn’t mail you about it. but used to check your old one out from time to time. Am inordinately happy to see you expecting your miracle!!!! and glad you are back in voyeurville.


  2. Yah for going unprivate – it has put you back in my reader so I can more easily keep in touch with you and follow your pregnancy. I hear you about the reasons for going private and I have wondered about that too, but like you decided that I blog for a reason and I don;t have to air ALL the dirty laundry to still get the rewards from blogging.

    Thanks for letting us be voyeurs


  3. Sam! Sam! Sam! I just read your comment on my blog and I am freaking ~thrilled~ over your pregnancy news!!! Oh my gosh, I can’t stop smiling. How overwhelmingly awesome. Congratulations! I just read your posts since the news and I am so damned excited for you. Yay!! I am so glad you updated me so I can stalk you for the rest of your pregnancy. ~smile~


  4. Jeez sweetie!! Keeping track of you is a task LOL!! yo know that the blogrol doesn’t update automatically if a blog is private so I had to remember to check on you and sure when I did I realised I yet again missed two posts and that you were now public again!! Well, I’m glad, I should be prompted with your new posts again! Love, Fran


  5. Welcome back Sam….
    Isn’ it amazing how “certain ppl” affect our lifes and make us change…! Strange hey….but I am glad you have worked through your reasons for going private. Going private can be very claustrophobic.
    Now we can all watch that belly grow…very exciting


  6. Whoop, whoop! Welcome back into the wide open spaces Sammykins! Much easier for people to follow your pregnancy this way and ‘The Clam’ certainly deserves some airtime! xxxxxxx


  7. You are a clever little beaver you! I am glad that these things have been dealt with in the right way. People that affect our lives in that way do not deserve the “airtime” as Abs puts it.

    There are so many people that have been waiting for this miracle my friend, they are the ones that deserve to share it with you.

    Sending loads of love to you and the precious little Clam (oh and Cliff too)



  8. I didn’t know you had gone private… but MUCH more importantly, I didn’t know you were pregnant and you have absolutely no idea how much this makes my day!!!! Please could you do a little catch up post on THAT one!


  9. YAY so pleased to see you have gone “un private” I used to read your blogg all the time and then when you went private I forgot to email you …….I was overjoyed to hear your were preggies!! and I look forward in following this journey with you!!!!


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