Ke Nako! (It’s Time!!)

When South AFrica was awarded the Fifa World Cup on the 15th May 2004, it seemed like we had *forever* to wait until it would come. 


Six long years, loads of work, upgrades on current stadiums and many brand new world class (in my opinion better than world class) stadiums to build, roads to fix, public transport to upgrade and start.  The world cup commitee must have had a quiet panic moment in the face of all they had to do to get ready for this spectacle.


And now?  Ke Nako!  It’s time!  Instead of counting down months and days, we are literally counting down the HOURS to the Opening ceremony.

This week has been HUGE for our country.  Besides for all the international teams arriving and the whole country feeling the vibe of the world cup, we also opened our first world class train called the Gautrain to the public.  Then yesterday the people of this country rallied around our national soccer team and gave them a boost for their opening match against Mexico tomorrow.

Our team who are probably not going to win the world cup (how amazing if they did??) is bringing our country together.  It’s super to see people of every colour driving cars with flags flying in the wind, with mirror socks on their side view mirrors and just getting into the vibe of what is to come.

I am so excited, I am SO freaking proud to be South African right now.  I have this feeling that God is using this time to do amazing things.  Wonderful things.   Healing things.

It’s here!  Feel it!


10 thoughts on “Ke Nako! (It’s Time!!)

  1. It is indeed a very special time and it has been wonderful in unifying our country, I just hope it lasts after the WC is over.


  2. I am no big lover of soccer…but I am a big fan of SA…and the feeling in the air at the moment is amazing…Thumbs up to amazing things


  3. I am certainly FEELING IT!!! Such a special time. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m definably going to be glued to my TV from 2pm.

    And I don’t even like Soccer.


  4. I am SOOOOO feeling it my friend!!! Can’t wait to bring in the first game of the WC together!!

    This isn’t about the football, it’s about bringing us all together!! Woo friggin Hoo!!!! 😉


  5. I am sooo excited, I don’t like soccer and never watch – but hey this is my country! Have my bafana bafana t-shirt on and flags on the car and wil be waving my big a$$ flag this afternoon.


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