Back to Brunette

Whilst I’ve been liking being a blonde, it’s a pain in the behind to maintain so today I turned back into a brunette.

The red comes thru nicely in the sunlight 🙂

I have to admit I REALLY prefer myself as a brunette.  Besides that whole “blondes have more fun thing” was not accurate in my case 😉


25 thoughts on “Back to Brunette

  1. Love the color! I am slowly going darker as the months go by and trying to get back to a color more like my natural. I wish I could have stayed white blonde like I was as a kid, but we all have to grow up eh? 🙂


  2. I went from blonde to black and the amount of people who came out and said “oh you look SO much better dark!”….and I love it and it’s SO much easier to maintain!

    It really suits you, you look great!


  3. Looks stunning! A while ago I also opted out of blonde and into brunette and I’m having way more fun 😉
    A change is as good as the holiday, if you can’t afford the holiday take the change! That’s my motto 🙂


  4. The red is so sophisticated, very nice. I did the same change a couple of months ago and not having the roots thing to deal is such a bonus.


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