Lights out!

I’ve been meaning to tell you all about our scary (and very expensive) electricity incident we had recently.

I got home from work one night about 3 weeks ago and could smell burning.  At first I thought that Cliff had started dinner and forgotten it in the oven, but he had not even taken anything out the freezer as yet.  The smell was there but I figured it was from outside and left it at that.  We cooked, ate andwatched TV and then went to bed as per normal.  At around 02h00 our electricity tripped and Cliff woke up (our alarm system is in our bedroom and when the power trips it makes clicking noise which woke him) and went downstairs to reset it.  This happened again at 04h00 and at 06h00 when he went down to feed dogs and get the day going he also smelt buring so turned everything off at the mains.

Later that day an electrician came and our whole DB board was smouldering and had to be placed.  At a cost of nearly 10K we were gobsmacked.  At least our house never burnt down and now we’re fighting with insurance to pay us out for the replacement board.

What a nightmare!


13 thoughts on “Lights out!

  1. Glad you guys are okay, could have been very serious. Insurance companies seem to forget why they are there at times like these…


  2. That is blimin scary….the “what ifs” must be going around in your head.

    Someone is watching and protecting you


  3. Something similar happened to us when we moved into our house. It cost a cool R5000, but very scary, because the electrician showed us just how dangerous it is.


  4. yikes! Scary stuff. Electrical fires are NOT funny! Glad Cliff saved the day (and house and wife 😉 ) and had the brains to turn the mains off! x-x


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