Seeing things in wood

When I dry my hair every morning I flip my head over and am faced with my beautiful wooden floors in our bedroom.  I’ve always loved finding pictures in in-animate objects.  Seeing a dragon in the clouds in the sky.  Watching a sleeping giant in a mountain range on a long car ride.  And so on and so forth.

So it’s no big surprise that I found some pictures in my wooden floor morning after morning of blow drying my hair.

Here are some of my finds:

Can you see the alien baby?

What about the alien fertility goddess?

This one always reminds me of a squashed gecko!

Careful! My heart is on the floor 😉

Skeletor Lives!!!

Tortie the Tortoise haunts me every day! See his sad face...

Do you find pictures in the mundane?  I hope you do cos to me it’ keeps the child in each of us alive.

And that my friends is always a great thing!


20 thoughts on “Seeing things in wood

  1. LOVE this! I sometimes do it too – especially if I’ve been staring into space, only to realise that what I’ve been staring at, is actually a picture of something!!!


  2. My brother and I used to lie on the grass and find pictures in the clouds when we where younger. He actually still remembers that with fondness.


  3. You are funny Sam! I do this too….even with the pattern the tomatoe sauce makes before I tuck into my food gets analysed for pictures or signs ;0) xxx


  4. cool! I’m normal then! Maybe it’s just my filthy mind… but ET/tortie looks like something a lot dirtier to me 😉


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