Home Decor al la Cliff & Sam

A few weeks ago a friend of mine put out an announcement on FB that she was selling a few pieces of furniture that did not quite fit into her newly built home.  One of the pieces was a beautiful antique table that I had admired when we’d visited her home.  I was tickled at the chance of owning it.  We discussed it and we bought it.

We fetched it on Saturday morning.  Its stunning – I love it!  And it fits just perfectly under our stairs that we renovated a while back.

In anticipation of getting our new antique table, I bought some roughed up frames and had huge plans of how I wanted them to go.   It did not work out quite like I had planned in my head but I am SUPER chuffed with what we did end up with…

Right hand side of the whole view

Middle piece of the whole view

Left hand side of the whole view

What it looks like all together 🙂

My hubby suggested that we get a nice brass plaque to put onto the frame with a picture of my Dad.  It will have his birth date and his death date on it with his name.  I can’t wait to get it so we can put it onto the frame – it’s such a stunning idea.  Proves to me yet again why I love this man I’ve been blessed with.

My Dad was so handsome in his younger years.  I miss him.

So that’s it friends, home decor al la Cliff & Sam 🙂


13 thoughts on “Home Decor al la Cliff & Sam

  1. It is awesome…Your dad WAS very handsome!

    I love putting up photographs on walls and all…there are random memories that emanate from them…

    You had a good find!


  2. I love it all! And yes, your Dad was very handsome. I love the idea of putting a plaque on the frame.

    We have similar tastes because I have photos on my wall in the entry way to our home too.

    Love it!


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