Friday Blessing

I’ve not done one of these in a while but today I am extremely grateful for the following blessing:

Mine has cooked three nights in a row this week.  I’m SO blessed and lucky to have a hubby who cooks, I cannot imagine how working women whose hubby’s don’t cook do it.  I could never face having to only get home after 18h00 after battling traffic to only then have to put food on the stove every night.  Admittedly this is what happens on the evenings I do cook but  most of the time by the time I get home hubby has already got our evening meal on the go.

Thanks my love!  You’ve come a long way 🙂


9 thoughts on “Friday Blessing

  1. Can I join you for dinner one time? :o)

    I’m the same, so tired in the evening that thankfully Mike steps in a good few times to get thing going! Love, Fran


  2. We have the opposite situation, if I were to wait for Walter to cook we may starve seen as he’s almost never home before 18h30. I like your blessing and I’d have to say mine would be hubbies to clean up seen as Walter is our kitchen cleaner! 🙂


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