Changes of Time

I did a bit of a spring clean a couple of weekends back and I found an old ID photo envelope in one of my files.  I found 4 photo’s of myself from various stages of my life.

It’s funny to see how much I’ve changed in the years. 

(Picture quality is not great – photo of photo’s with my cellphone!)

Top left hand photo I cannot believe how LONG my hair is!  This was taken just before I went to Egypt to work so about 12 years ago.  I also look so much like one of my cousins in this photo it’s scary!

Top right hand photo was taken about a year after we got married.  It was for my new ID book and I was so happy cos I was sure that we would soon be pregnant and a family of 3… boy how wrong was I?

Bottom left hand side was taken about 3 years ago – I was in the midst of my battle with my weight due to IF treatments.  I’ve really found that in the last 3 years my weight has been my nemisis in relation to IF.  One minute I’m chubby of the world (check out my chipmunk cheeks) then the next I’m “normal” again…

Bottom right?  I can’t remember when this was taken but I particularly like my hair in this one so think I might go back to that colour and style.  This photo must have been taken sometime soon after we got married and started ttc cos I look way too happy in it for it to have been a more recent one…

And just for kicks and cos I like this photo of us so much, I’m posting one of what I look like RIGHT NOW.  This one was taken at my twin aunt’s surprise 60th birthday party this past weekend…

How often do you notice the changes of time?


18 thoughts on “Changes of Time

  1. I like the bottom right and present day hair best Sam. It’s so funny how photos can show us what suites us better than a mirror can. I’m thinking back to when I went short cropped and blonde…scary photos! xxx


  2. Hmm time and our lives have such a funny way of showing in our faces. I have to agree with the other girls you look way better now than 12 years ago.

    Love the photo of the two of you.

    As for noticing the changes that time brings, I only have to look at my wedding photos (nearly 12 years ago now) to realise that time is catching up on me.


  3. Dude! You’re being way to critical of yourself, you look gorgeous in all the pics and aside from the changes in hair you look exactly the same. Time has been kind to you Budg! You look gorgeous!


  4. You know the one where you said you put on weight due to IF treatments, I like that one! You actually look quite happy and healthy!!!

    Having said that, I like all the photos 😉


  5. You’re beautiful!
    I looked at our wedding pics recently when scrapbooking our album, and I had to chuckle – oh little did I know back then. And I was a totally different person. And I’ve come to realise that what does not kill you, certainly DOES make you stronger.


  6. A lot of time…

    A pic of mine that I have framed is of when I was 25….

    And now when I look at myself, I look like the girl, but with a lot of other things that have happened – my skin is not that great, and I have dark circles…my hair is not that great either…and a part of all that is the beauty hormones that I have pumped in, thanks to IF.



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