The Way It Goes…

Reasons why I am considering trying IVF again sometime:

  • Cliff will be an amazing Dad
  • To experience pregnancy
  • Once pregnant I can’t wait to spend evenings with my husband feeling our child move in my tummy
  • My Mom deserves to be a Granny to more than one child
  • Cliff’s Mom deserves to be a Granny to HIS child
  • Gummy smiles I see from my friends kids absolutely melt my heart
  • My niece thinks I’d be a cool Mom and that’s gotta count for something
  • To decorate a nursery
  • The clothes – have you *seen* how cute they are?
  • To hear my child call for me when they are sick and to know that only *I* can make it better
  • The laughs and giggles that can’t get any better
  • To look into my childs eyes and know that they know they are LOVED, so very, very loved
  • To see my current babies (my Saff’s and Jazz) protect and guard my new baby
  • To experience Mother’s Day without tears and sadness
  • To experience Father’s Day without guilt and torment
  • To share my love for reading with someone innocent
  • Delight in my children who see the world through such unjaded eyes
  • We had a chemical before – that’s got to mean that it might go all the way for us at some point right?

I could go on for ever and ever….

Reasons why I might consider stopping this madness for good:

  • This hurts both of us so much in so many ways

23 thoughts on “The Way It Goes…

  1. Yes you can and will go all the way and I too list all those reasons why I so desperately want….. NEED a child/ren….
    Thanks for sharing and never stop believing… that’s all we got and we can’t ever give up our faith 🙂


  2. Oh hon, those are such amazing reasons to try again – you truly deserve a child. I hope and pray that you have all those experiences one day soon. I dread another IVF but you’ve inspired me to try and find a positive way to look at the next attempt.


  3. You are one amazing woman, Sam. I love that you look on the bright side and want to just kick the universe in the pants! All wonderful reasons, and we are all here to cheer you on!


  4. Such a tough decision to make and such a personal one as well. You know we will all stick by you no matter what you decide to do and where your life’s journey’s take you.


  5. You know already what a firm believer I am that nothing is too much and no measure too extreme if it brings you a child to love. I cannot give up until I’ve tried it all. For me personally giving up is far more painful than trying again. I don’t think you are ready to stop trying – there is still hope and as long as there is a chance I don’t think you will find peace if you don’t try. Here for you every step of the way my friend! xxx


  6. All very good reasons Budg.
    There are more ways than one to experience the joy that motherhood brings.
    Keep trodding on that path and I have no doubt that one way or antoher you dream of motherhood will be realized.


  7. It’s amazing how much power that one line on the other side has. I can so relate to the dream of evenings with my hubby feeling our baby move inside.


  8. I’m sorry that you’ve gone through so much and I can imagine that the list was tough to write, also. I hope that you find the decision that’s best for both of you.



  9. Hoping like anything that you don’t have much further before you reach your dream. Your journey has been so flippin’ hard and your ability to pick yourself up each time shows that you have the determination to ride this wild train all the way.


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