When words are failing you…

You do a rather insipid post to keep your blog “alive”, apologies for this lacklustre post in advance!

Thank you to each and every one of you who voted and commented on my last post – much appreciated.  After many discussions we have decided to BOTH go on the trip although I do have to set the record straight – many of you thought this was a nice romantic re-connect with each other trip.  It’s going to be fun and divine as we’ll be in Knysna over the Oyster festival but it most certainly won’t be “just the two of us”.  We’ll be there with Cliff’s brother, his wife and their two kids so whilst it will be good to get away from it all, it will hardly be the romantic re-connect you’ve all got going on in your heads… Record straight 😉

We had a bit of a weekend with sick dogs.  Firstly on Friday our labby started puking at 04hoo in the morning, I got up bleary eyed to clean up the sick and to make sure she was ok.  Thankfully she was ok after her little purge.  We had dinner with friends on Saturday evening and when we got back and fed the hounds we noticed that our jack russel did not eat hers with her usual gusto.  Cue 01h00 in the morning and a sick, whiny, trying to be pukey dog.  We were up all night rubbing her little tummy and trying to ease her pain.  I insisted that we take her to the vet cos about 3 years ago something similar happened and we did not take her right to the vet and we ended up having to have the vet operate on her to dislodge a palm nut that had got stuck in her gut.  I was not taking any chances with my baby!  So off to the vet we toodled.  After much puking, an x-ray and an exorbitant vets bill later we were told that our little nunu is full of shit.  Quite literally.  She’s got some stuck in the end of her colon that have hardened into little balls surrounded by gas and that’s why she’s a misery.  We’ve been giving her some doggy laxative but it’s not working yet and I’ve been up since 03h00 this am with the poor thing again. 

I hope it works soon, I really can’t stand to see her so docile and in pain.  She really IS my little baby. 

Other than that, not much else going down in the land of Sam.  Still taking it one day at a time and working on getting to a place of healing and hope slowly but surely.

Hope you are all well and happy!


12 thoughts on “When words are failing you…

  1. Shame Budg! I hope Jazzy gets better soon! Have learned some great tips in relieving constipation of late, rather grim to do to you dog… but desperate times all for desperate measure so let me know! 😉


  2. Sick pups are terribly stressful to deal with. I’ve slept on the floor curled around my labbie before.

    I’m glasd you’re going on the trip. Maybe we can meet up for coffee in Knysna if time allows?


  3. Oh noo poor little nunu!!! I’m hoping she’ do a gigantic poo in the next hour and feel better! And do enjoy the trip, sometimes having company is not a bad thing at all! Much love, Fran


  4. hope the shit hits the fan for your little one and soon. (sorry, i couldn;t resist) its so sad and so hard to see our furbabies sick. i am so glad you are going too, nighttime can be romantic maybe? xoxoxo


  5. Hope your baby is better soon, shame man, I hate it when they get sick. Im recovering from a hectic week and the wedding – shees, need some routine back in my life…


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