Daily Grind

Bone clenching, gut renchingly tired

Eyes stinging from strain

Feet drag through mires of mud

Everything is an effort

Breathing is hard

Blinking is a danger – too close to sleep

Brain tells you to just keep going

Do all you can to get through the day

When all you want to do is curl up in a ball

And dive headfirst into sleep

Glorious restful sleep…

It does not come

the rest it alludes you

Sleep tempts you

Sleep covers you

Sleep drags you under

Yet you wake….

Bone achingly tired and exhausted

To start again


13 thoughts on “Daily Grind

  1. This is me at the moment Sam. So tired! Michael Jacksons idea to use general anaesthetic to sleep is not sounding so insane to me right now ;0)


  2. You need to take a day off work and sleep. I did that one day after my dad died, I phoned my boss and told him I needed a day off, didn’t even have to lie and call it flu or anything. I slept all day, waking just to have some tea and food. I felt much, much better after that.


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