It’s no secret that we’ve been through a little bit of the ringer of late.  But whilst our hearts are in the process of healing and we digest all we’ve been through in the last two months, I also wanted to remember that we are very blessed.  In many ways.

To that end I decided to write up a daily blessing on our black board in the kitchen, so that we would be reminded of the things that make our lives so good amidst the turmoil.

These are the first few that we’ve come up with… (picture quality sucks apologies, taken with my cell phone)

I’m hoping to continue with this daily blessing reminder to ourselves for a long time to come…

What are your blessings today?


11 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. beautiful idea. i did a list of things that make me smile today and it really does remind you of how blessed you are. i may even steal your blackboard idea… love it!


  2. I am thankful for many things right now…but the one thing I am really thankful for today is your friendship.

    Love you lots chicken, I truly hope that you have many more blessings coming your way Xxx


  3. What a beautiful idea. You have such strength to count your blessings when so many would be licking their wounds. You are an inspiration. I hope your break and long weekends bring you some peace and quality time together.


  4. What a neat idea. It is often so easy to forget the blessings we all have and to focus on the challenges and difficulties. One of the biggest blessings we have right now is to have reached 6 months off treatment with Bianca. We are so blessed with how well things have been going.


  5. Love this, Sam. I have been doing something similar with my 101 goals in 1001 days blog…#52. 500 10-word-max happiness/gratitude journal entries. I do around 15 each month and it has been a very feel-good thing for me to do.

    Many hugs and blessings being sent your way.


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