Jericho to Jordan

A few weeks back we had a guest speaker at our church who preached a sermon that really struck a chord in my spirit.  He was talking about how as Christians we need to grow and how we need to go through several pass/fail points to get to the end of the race and to reach our prize.  The thing that he drove home was that things are going to be tough on the route to the prize, things are going to challenge us, try and beat us down, but if we fight the good fight, the prize will be so, so sweet. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this sermon and it’s true of all things in life.  We start at one point and we go through stuff, we learn things and we move forward to another point in our lives.  At the new point we are challenged, we grow, we learn, we suffer but we get through and then we end up moving onwards and forwards and get to the next point.  And so on and so forth.

The analogy the guest speaker used was that of going through Jericho to get to Jordan.  At Jericho the war was waged for many days and it was a tough war to fight.  But the Israelites prevailed and brought the walls down and moved to the land of Jordan where riches and glory abounded.

I see my infertility as a journey through Jericho on my way to Jordan.  And on the day before my blood test after this last GIFT, I am praying that I’ve fought the good fight, that the walls are tumbling down and that I’ll head tomorrow into the beautiful land of Jordan. 

As I’ll be at the airport fetching the friends who are bringing my Dad’s remains home, I may only post the results later in the day… so please bear with me.

Thanks in advance for all your love and support and wonderful words that you’ve shared with me in the last 18 days.  You guys and girls are just amazing and I am so so blessed to be a part of this community who cares so much.


19 thoughts on “Jericho to Jordan

  1. Budg, as someone who has arrived in Jordan and is now facing a new journey, all I can say is that is so so true. And the reward is so so sweet. Your time has come……….


  2. Hi Sam
    Been thinking of you lots. All the best for tomorrow and strength to you with having your dad back home.

    Lots of love


  3. Wow that is some pretty powerful stuff! Thanks for sharing that sermon and it is so so true! I think we need to keep reminding ourselves of this very important lesson while navigating our way through this ‘race’. Thanks again for sharing.
    Good luck for the test!


  4. I am holding thumbs and crossing fingers and toes and just hoping for your Jordan to arrive for your tomorrow. Lovely post about faith, gives me some inspiration to start looking for mine again?


  5. Hope your results were positive! Think you were sitting next to me in Lancet this morning but you looked really nervous and I wasn’t sure it was you xxx.


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