Tuesday is a BEEG day

02 March 2010. 

Potentially the day that could heral change in my life in a way that I cannot even begin to comprehend!

There are several reasons why this day is a BEEG day.  I think if I tried hard enough I could get each and every person reading this blog to admit to something significant happening on this day cos it sure does seem quite important from where I’m sitting…. Let me list some reasons why it’s a BEEG day:

  • It’s one of my closest friend’s husband’s 41st birthday
  • It’s a good friends 14 or 15 week scan day
  • It’s my very close friends day of surgery to remove her polyps and to get her pregnant once and for all with her GIFT the following month
  • It’s the day my bank balance moves back to practically zero as all my debit orders will have gone off my account paying my bills
  • On Tuesday morning my Dad’s friend arrives with his ashes and belongings from Wales
  • I do my beta

So as you can see chaps and chappettes, Tuesday is a BEEG day.  I sure hope and pray that we end up with some good news to curtail the emotion we’ll feel at finally having Dad back on African soil…

I’m heading into the weekend, with my heart hopeful yet reeling with feelings that I cannot quite pinpoint about finally getting closure on my dad’s passing…

It’s weird, but Tuesday is a BEEG day – what is special or BEEG about Tuesday for YOU??

23 thoughts on “Tuesday is a BEEG day

  1. Thanks for thinking of me, you know that I will have you in my prayers while I’m sleeping and having my polyps removed!

    I’ve said it many times my friend, there is no reason why this shouldn’t be it. It just has to be now.

    Love you chicken


  2. Will definitely keep you in my thought on Tuesday. I can really relate to how emotional it will be for you to bring your Dad home. Hope you also get your BFP! Keeping it all crossed and will be waiting with bated breath for the good news!


  3. Tuesday for me is a big day ’cause a very close friend is doing her BETA and a BFP would would not only rock her world but those around her.

    Thinking of you my friend, just hang in there and rest in the knowledge that everything will be ok:



  4. For me, it’s just a day between 2 work days. A day I will hopefully have peace and relaxation and non-stress. A day that I get on the internet to find that there’s a wonderful deserving woman who had a wonderful result from a BETA!:-) xoxo


  5. Tuesday morning for you is late Monday night for me… and the BEEG thing I will be up to is spending time on my knees for a close wonderful friend who inspires me everyday with her grace and faith. I love you bunches!


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