Weird Ass Dreams!

First off – Hello to any ICLW’ers – nice to “meet ya”.  I’m busy with my 3ww after a GIFT and might come across as slightly irrational or whacko this week – forgive me I’m actually rather sane and rational most days 😉

Right, so onto the severely weird ass dreams I’ve been having.  As much as I’ve been trying to stay calm and rational and have been trying to take the 3ww one day at a rational time, it’s clear to me that my subconscious has a completely different approach to this waiting period.  And it’s also clear to me that as much as I ‘ve been saying I’m fine and in control I’m obviously a lot more stressed than even I care to admit…

Weird ass dream number one:  This one occurred on Friday night.  I cannot completely remember how it went but I know it had something to do with walking in a forest and finding a baby hiding in a tree – when I tried to save this baby it, I don’t know “misted up” into pretty little blood droplets… Cue waking up at approx 03h30 with my heart racing…

Weird ass dream number two:  This one was naturally on Saturday night.  I remember dreaming that I had woken up in the middle of the night absolutely DESPERATE to pee.  I stumbled to the bathroom and did my thing.  When I wiped I saw (how I don’t know cos it was still dark) these long strings of french shaped lace blood globs coming out my vagina.  (sorry I know that’s a pretty grim picture) I could feel my heart skip a beat and I called to Cliff, crying that this GIFT had not worked.  He came into the bathroom and with his face a mere inch or so away from mine started screaming at me “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” over and over until I woke up at approx 03h00 with my heart racing…

Weird ass dream number 3:  This one happened yesterday afternoon during my afternoon nap.  For some reason we were at my Aunt’s house in Durban and Cliff and I were arguing over some mundane bloody thing.  It was so mundane that I really can’t even remember what it was, I think it was over a special blanket/duvet/covering or something which he wanted to put on our bed but I would not allow him to cos it was boiling hot and it was not needed.  Somehow the argument reached a crescendo and I screamed at him “just do whatever you want” at which he sprinted up the stairs and flung himself off the balcony of my Aunt’s house… I woke up as he was just about to hit terra firma with my heart racing… 

Now I am not huge into reading too much into my dreams etc – I believe that dreams normally manifest out of your experiences that day and whilst I do remember a great deal of my dreams many people don’t.

I do however think these weird ass dreams are telling me that I need to calm myself.  I need to centre myself and I need to keep focused on the “get through each day” goal. 

Last night before I went to bed, I prayed over myself, I asked for a peaceful sleep and thankfully I got it – no weird ass dream last night… I’m hoping to keep this new no weird ass dream trend going…


14 thoughts on “Weird Ass Dreams!

  1. Oh boy, those aren’t just weird they are dam scary!I always get more and more stress dreams as I get to test day. Last night I dreamt that DJ said he has decided to start sleeping with someone else, because I was too fat. Hang in there. Will pray for your peaceful sleep too.


  2. Our subconcious mind is very powerful. I think the main theme in all your dreams is anxiety which completely and utterly normal for this stage of the 3ww. Although bad dreams of any kind are not a nice experience.

    Im thinking and praying for you lots xxx


  3. It’s that bloody progesterone Sam! It gives me horrific nightmares! Don’t try to read too much into them. They are very uncool when you are trying to stay calm but I really don’t think it’s cause for concern. I’m glad at least that I’m not the only sick puppy out there when on Prog! Ha ha!((Hugs)) xx


  4. How horrible are those dreams! I don’t believe all dreams have a meaning unless you wake up and know exactly what it means. This could just be your fear.

    Will pray that you have a peaceful 3WW.And that your little miracle is developing and growing each day.


  5. I think it’s a great idea to calm yourself before sleep and pray for a peaceful, refreshing sleep. Hope you are able to get lots of rest from now on.

    Had a weird dream last night that I was running a burrito restaurant and the customers kept screaming that I wasn’t wrapping them the right way. And there were hard-boiled eggs in the burrito. This seemed normal to me in the dream. Weird.


  6. Oh, such awful weird dreams!

    I’d put my money on the progesterone, too. I’ve never had such vivid dreams as I did the weeks I was on that stuff.

    I hope the nights ahead of you are peaceful and only filled with zzzzz’s…


  7. Holy shit, those dreams would have scared the calmest person on Hearth! You poor thing, it’s all very stressful, I don’t know how to help I too have evry weird dreams in the 2ww (I know it’s even 3ww for you!), but like you say, one day at a time. Much love, Fran (ICLW duty also!)


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