I take you with me…

I take you with me every day

Expecting to get a call from you

Lamenting how long we’ve been apart

I take you with me everyday

Memories I play over in my head

That laugh you had

The smile you had

The love you had of life

Swinging me round and round

Kissing Mom in the kitchen

Hugging us all the time

Tears you shed on the birth of the apple of your eye

Those blue eyes flashing with anger and forgiveness

I take you with me every day Dad

Forever in my heart


20 thoughts on “I take you with me…

  1. Such sweet thoughts. I’m sure your Dad is smiling on you right now.

    I lost my Dad 11 years ago and I like to think he’s still with me. I know he is because I too carry him in my heart.

    Sending you big hugs!


  2. Sam..you are right..he will always be with you. With every breeze you feel on your cheek. With every butterfly that spreads its wings. In every breath that you take…in every tear that falls from your eyes. He will always be your guiding light…I am sending you lotsa love


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