Erm, oh Hi! Look it’s 2010

I’ve been totally avoiding my blog of late.  I’ve just not been inspired to write anything really.

Since my last pitiful post, life has gone on and we’ve got ourselves through the Festive season.  People warned me about doing a treatment cycle just before Christmas – pretty much everyone I know told me to avoid a Christmas cycle cos if it did not work it would be extra hard to get through.  I thought it would be just like any other failed cycle – I mean they all suck right?  They’re all hard to “get over”.  But oh my hat, Christmas was VERY hard this year.  It should have been a time of celebration and joy at the news that we were finally “up the spout” with sprog and instead I found it was a time of forced smiles and curried joy so as not to put a damper on everyone elses Festive spirit.  Christmas Eve was spent with the Young’s and Christmas day was spent with the Curley clan – cousins aunts and uncles and all.

I worked right through the season (admittedly not very hard but worked none the less) and managed to lose 7 kg’s and keep this weight loss consistent.  Saying no to those added treats over this season is not as hard as one thinks. (I think being sadder than normal helps)

Cliff and I spent a very quiet New Years Eve at home with our hounds.  We drank lots of champers (no where to drive and certainly no reason not to) and had a braai on our patio.

Just before the clock turned we put the tunes on full blast had a little dance in the lounge,

blew our vuvuzela in preparation for the FIFA 2010 World Cup being hosted in our country this year

and has a quick snog at midnight.  Cliff went to bed and I stayed up drinking champers and watching movies.  And so started our year.

2010.  Sjoe, who would have thought it would get here as quickly as it did?
As we face our 5th ART treatment pretty much around the corner, I’ll not start this year like I always do and state this this year WILL be our year.  What I will say is that I pray that each and every person who reads here gets blessed in ways they never thought possible and that all their hopes and dreams be fulfilled.  I pray that each and every person who reads here has peace and joy in their hearts and that life for each and every one of you is healthy, wealthy and just damn fine.

Here’s to a great 2010 – in whatever shape or form that happens to manifest itself.


23 thoughts on “Erm, oh Hi! Look it’s 2010

  1. To a great 2010 my friend. Knowing that you are here is already a blessing. I’ll be there for you too, whatever the year will reserve for us. Much love, Fran


  2. Looks like your little party was fun 🙂

    A new year holds 365 days of new opportunities – maybe not the ones we want but new opportunities none the less!


  3. I second that Sam! Bring on 2010 and whatever it may hold. I’ll be hoping & praying that there are only good things in store for you and Cliff! xxx


  4. I hear you on the failed Christmas cycle issue – harder than I thought it was going to be aswell.

    Congrats on loosing the weight, wow I wish I could loose some weight! I had 1 too many mince pies!!

    Lovely pics, looks like you had a ball!!


  5. Oh I can totally relate to having to force a smile the whole way through the festive season. I too am one who chose to squeeze another IVF cycle in before xmas and afterwards wondered why I thought that was a good idea. Anyway, I just found your blog today but had to comment since we were in a similar situation. Lets just hope that 2010 is a kinder year. 🙂


  6. Budg, once again your beautiful, selfless spirit shines through! And while I totally get why you’re saying you’re not going to start the year with all those old thoughts of maybe this year… this has to be … because they’re so repetitive, I hope its ok if I secretly hope that this is your year Budg and that everything you’ve wished to your readers comes back to you ten fold.
    Love u!


  7. Looks like you had a great party…what a way to start off the year 2010..with a person you love.
    For 2010, my wishes have been for self enrichment and to love more….whatever follows is a blessing…
    Yahoo..on the weight loss..I am sooo


  8. Here’s to you my friend. May 2010 be the year that your dreams come true.

    I’m sorry that christmas was so hard, I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest ones for me too, I am very glad that it’s all over with but I truly hope that the next one will be one to remember.

    Love you stax 😉


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