Brought to you by the Great Blog X Pollination 2009!

Look at all the lovely people who are participating!  Some you may know some you may not.  Read my guest post and then ponder on who you think she might be from the list above.

I’m officially a college student!!!! YEA!  I signed up for my Master’s classes today, school starts January 11th.  I figured that even if there is a positive at the end of this hellish two week wait, my due date won’t be until August 25th (please tell me I’m not the only crazy one that googles due date calculator every. single. cycle.  I should just bookmark it, but then that has to have some sort of bad karma… so I’ll just google, every time I trigger, and be happy with that!)  
Last night was first lovonox injection that DIDN’T bruise.  Not even an little.  The injection site is a little sore, but I’d take that any day over the big bruises.  I sent a text message with a picture of them to my mother in law and birthmom, and they were both concerned.  I told them that it was normal, and they said I need to keep the picture, so when my shit-head teenager’s are being horrible, I can remind them what I went through to get them.  Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
Since my husband is still out of town, I’ve had the house to myself.  Can I just say that I really needed him to be gone right now.  Partly because for the last few days I have had wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows all over my living room, dirty dishes in the sink (even worse, a clean load that has been sitting in the dishwasher since Sunday), and my bed isn’t made.  This would never have happened had he not been here, but it’s been nice to just let my guard down, and go take a long bubble bath (lukewarm, for fear I might boil my little one that might be in there), and chat with friends.  I guess I better get my act together tonight though because my mom is flying into town tomorrow.  Not that I feel that she would flip out, but really, who wants their Mom to come to their house in utter disarray, friends it’s fine… but not your Mom!!!
I found out last night that my Father in law got himself the Bose I-pod docking station thingey… that was the present we were all going to chip in and get him.  He’s really hard to shop for, because if he sees something he likes, he goes and buys it (case in point: the Bose I pod docking station….).  I told him that was our great idea, and since he ruined it, he’s getting a plant, but even better I think I’ll get him socks and a tie! 🙂  While talking to my birthmom (for those of you reading this on the Pross Collinate, I was adopted as an infant, but have been in contact with my birth mom for about 7 years now, we usually talk 2-3 times a week on the phone), we were discussing Christmas presents.  I told her that I was almost done, and she asked how much we spent.  I can honestly say that we buy presents for EVERYONE (but ourselves) for $300.00.   We even have a separate account that we put money in each month. Maybe it’s part of our “Dave Ramsey get out of debt plan”, (and since we just paid off our student loan… we see results!) That’s 6 parents (his are divorced & remarried), 5 brothers and sisters, a nephew, and an Uncle. I guess that’s why it takes so much time because we have to find something that’s more thoughtful instead of flashy and expensive.  Case in point: my Dad.  He can afford almost anything, buys everything with cash (including his new BMW), and so if he sees something he wants he buys it.  What do you get him for Christmas, Father’s day, and his Birthday.  It’s an exhausting task.  He always tries to make real estate and owning a business interesting for my brother and I, and he talks about compound interest (babies making babies), and cash flow streams (a glacier (the investment) that has a river running off of it into a lake, which you can freeze and make a new glacier (using the cash flow from an apartment complex to buy another one and make even more money… if you understood that, your could come join our family any day!)  Anyways, he has all these great way’s to explain things, and he’s always said he thought he should write them down to share with others, so we bought him a leather bound journal, to begin ‘his book’.  Like $14.99 at Target, but something that was perfect… For Christmas we got his an apple corer/peeler, because he loves to make apple pies, but he always does it all by hand.  Again, nothing he would ever think to buy for himself (I don’t think he even know’s they exist… he’s not much of a ‘kitchen store shopper), but incredibly useful for something he loves to do. 
How do you all figure out how much to spend on Christmas? 

Think you know who this is?  Place your bets in the comment section of my blog and then head over here to see what I had to say for today 🙂

5 thoughts on “Brought to you by the Great Blog X Pollination 2009!

  1. Came here via Xpol, no guess but a neat entry. As for holiday gift spending limits, we set it to $30 for each other, and as cheaply as possible for our family and friends. I had a ton of mason jars leftover from a short lived jaunt into pickling, so for the holidays, everyone is either getting a tasty hot cocoa mix or an amazing pancake recipe jar mix I made 🙂


  2. Gah!! I just read yesterday through all the blogs participating but I can’t remember who it was who was adopted and who’s husband is away.. I remember the pics of the wrapping and the dogs though!! lol

    Our Christmases involve very little planning with the exception of we stop paying our bills and use that money to buy presents. It sounds horrifying I know, but we pay our bills 2ce a month- the same payment no matter how much is owed. So, by the time Christmas rolls around, most of the people we “owe” money to for bills… owe US money… So we have December and January bill-free. Which works out great, because when we see stuff we really like for someone, we can snag it- close friends and family usually end up with one large gift, and tonnes of little ones.


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