The Inevitable

The question rose it’s ugly head. 

Do I or don’t I pee on a stick?  Now if you know me at all you know that I’m really anti POAS.  They mess with your head in ways that you can never imagine.  Or if you’ve ever fished a still wet pee stick out the bin or pulled the thing apart in an effort to see the second bloody line, it messes with your head in ways you can well imagine.

On the flip side I suppose if I was ever blessed enough to pee on the variety which automatically comes up singing with a bling, bling second line before the pee gets all the way across the test window (need to figure out where on earth to buy this kind, they do sound kind of nice),  I would be the type of person who DOES advocate a good old POAS.

So, the conundrum lurks in the back of my mind. 

Do I or don’t I?  The thing is this, my history has always been to start bleeding early after a treatment.  Whilst my body will not conform to a “normal” 28 day cycle on it’s own, it does a damn good job of conforming to the norm when I’ve had a stimmed cycle.  Previously I’ve always bled on or before CD28. 

For us, while we are still believing in this IVF, and we still think that this could very well be THE ONE that yields that elusive BFP, our main focus right now is to get past the point of previous bleeds.  That day my friends is next week Wednesday. 

At that point we migth start playing POAS ball.  Cos next week Wednesday is ONLY two days before my scheduled beta.  And honestly I really don’t see the point in peeing on a stick a mere two days before a blood test.  I *might* (and this is an extremely tentative might) POAS on the morning of the beta, just to prepare myself (and Cliff) for what the outcome might be.

And that dear hearts is the long and short of it.


19 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Hi there, this is one of the ladies that you did the EC with. I wish you all the best fo Wednesday. My test is on Friday the 4th Dec.

    Matthew 19:26 “With God NOTHING is impossible”


  2. I can only speak for myself here, but I generally test earlier, I always tell my self that if its negative, then I’ll be prepared for the results. Really hoping that yours if positive and you get that bling bling second line!


  3. Well you know I’m a firm believer in HPT’s, as evil and mind f*ckingly awful as they are! I say wait till you get past Wednesday and then POAS! My experience, Dischem no name brand is the best. It is the variety that shows the second line before the test is complete! Will also help prepare you for whatever the news may be on test day!
    Thinking of you!


  4. My friend – my advise from one IVF fundi to another – DON’T POAS. Go, have the bloods done, and take things from there. Good luck buddy!


  5. I would say NOT pee on the stick. Like you, peeing in advance only meesed me up big time, so the last time I didn’t and enjoyed the full 2ww (well…you know, not knowing and indulging in the idea of being pregnant!) and I was indeed pregnant, but you know the rest of the story. Next time I still think I won’t pee ahead of time. Big hugs!


  6. I hate those things, more than once I actually was pg and there was not even a hint of a second line.

    Good Luck for your beta or POAS, which ever comes first 😉


  7. I’ve done it both ways (huhuhuhuhuh) and I have to say, this last time where I only POAS’d on the morning of beta was by far the easiest 2ww. Relatively speaking, you know. Mindfuck happens with or without the stick, really.


  8. I’ve also been pretty anti-POAS. Though I think that only started when I got a BFN the day before I got a positive but low beta which rose but not enough and then stopped and you know the rest.

    I just don’t want to put myself through that.


  9. I say don’t POAS…unless you really want to.

    I was way too chicken to do it, but I will admit, once I got my beta results I sent M out to but a box…just to see that second line! 😉

    Wishing, hoping, praying for you and Cliff!


  10. Ah my babes!!! I know this feeling all too well. Let me just say this – that I was glad to not have POAS’ed… regardless of what the outcome would’ve been!! On the morning of the blood test, I woke up feeling quite happy with the decision that I had made.


  11. Hang in there for the rest of the wait. I have absolutely no self-restraint, I POASed every day for a week before and a week after my beta, but if you have the discipline and you’d prefer to wait, then wait.


  12. I’m anti-POAS. Blood tests are more accurate.

    In any case, no matter what the test, it doesn’t change the results. Either you are or you aren’t. Testing in the in-between time only messes with your head. No thanks!


  13. Don’t do it! Step back from the stick…. 🙂

    I am SO anti POAS. After years of trying before pursuing IVF, the only time I ever felt hope that I was actually pregnant were those days between transfer and beta. Why spoil it? And besides, when doing IVF there is such a small window between testing too early and your beta, it doesn’t make any sense. With my baby girl my initial beta was only 40, and that was a blood draw, there is much less HCG in urine. Most sticks won’t give you a positive without a level of 50 or more. So, I would have been heartbroken for nothing. Just saying…lots of false negatives out there.


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