I just realised…

I borrowed this from Last American Girl standing.

I just realised… that I should have had more to eat for breakfast, my stomache is eating itself! 

I just realised that my chest-size… is perfect for my body.

I just realised that my job… while awesome is not the be end to end all.

I just realised that when I’m driving…  I must look really odd to everyone else the way I sing along and dance to the music. 

I just realised that I need… to continue let go and let God. 

I just realised that realize that I have lost… nothing and gained everything.  

I just realised that I hate it when… people read over my shoulder. 

I just realised that if I’m drunk… I’m either a lot of fun or a crying mess.  

I just realised that money…  comes and goes, sometimes you have it sometimes you don’t.  

I just realised that certain people… sometimes choose incorrectly.  

I just realised that I’ll always… give it my everything. 

I just realised that my sibling… loves me more than I sometimes care to admit.  

I just realised that my mom… will always be my best friend, even when she annoys me.

I just realised that my cell phone… is used WAY too much.  

I just realised that when I wake up in the morning… I warm and mix my gestone shots while I’m still half asleep. 

I just realised that last night before I went to sleep… I put my hands over my tummy and thanked God for the miracle that might be growing there. 

I just realised that right now I am thinking… that I really should have eaten more for breakfast (yes again!)  

I just realised that my dad… is an adult and I am not meant to be his parent and that does not mean I love him any less.

I just realised that today… is the day when miracles are happening all over the world.  

I just realised that tonight… is Cliff’s turn to cook :))) 

I just realised that tomorrow… needs to be lived tomorrow. 

I just realised that I really want to… pee.  

I just realised that life… is magical even during the hard times.  

I just realised that my friends… understand more than I ever thought they could.

I just realised that this year… has only got 5 Mondays left in it… time FLIES! 

I just realised that my exes… would never have supported me and loved me through lifes challenges like Cliff has. 

I just realised that maybe I should.. remember to focus on my needs more, I give too much of myself to others and often don’t get it back in return.  

I just realised that I love… Life and all it has for me.  

I just realised that I don’t understand… many, many things – but that this is also ok, we’re not meant to understand everything.  

I just realised that my past… has made me who I am, and I can be proud of myself.  

I just realised that parties… make me happy – I love entertaining.  

I just realised that I’m totally terrified… of nothing, I know I can handle the challenges life throws at me, even though while I’m in the thick of them it may not feel like I can.

I just realised that my life… ROCKS!


7 thoughts on “I just realised…

  1. Lovely meme that…I may just borrow it! 🙂

    I read it at Missus Gamgee’s as well, and loved it…I too hate it when people read over my shoulder…when I am going through a photo album, I don’t like to share it simultaneously with others….


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