Fab Four

This is the day that the Lord made, a day SO filled with hope and love.  This is also the day that we transfered our Fab Four back to the mothership.  I’m so overwhelmed and grateful to have got to this stage again.  Now all we can do is continue praying, hoping and believeing that this will be IT.

I always get emotional when we see our embies on the screen.  The clinic was BUSY this morning – lots of ladies in for mid cycle scanning and we got to see the doc to discuss our babies at around 08h30 or so.  We had a look at them – all 7 still around, still holding all our hope in the midst of their cells.  We had 1 very fragmented embie and 4 early blasts and 2 compacting embies as at 07h00 this am.  Funnily enough our little Limpy had made it all the way to compacting embryo this morning – just goes to show that one can never under estimate your embryo’s.  Each and every one of them has the potential to become the child you long for.  It’s going to sound weird, but I was oddly proud of our little Limpy – he had overcome the odds and lived to fight another 2 days.

I filled my bladder and then we made our way down to the surgical wing for transfer.  We had the whole suite to ourselves – was nice cos we got extra special love and care from our divine FS and the nursing sister and the embryologist.  Lying on the bed, I could not help but project to the day I would finally be holding a baby in my arms.  We transfered 3 x early blasts and 1 x compacting embryo.  (Unfortunatley Limpy did not make it to transfer, and you might ask why we never transfered the 4 early blasts, the embryologist felt that the one compacting was better quality than the 4th early blast) For now they are snug as bugs in rugs.  And I’m already in love with what they could be.


38 thoughts on “Fab Four

  1. Four!! you got to transfer 4!!!! This is amazing and I’m so happy for you!! Here they’ll never transfer more than two, so you better be ready to buy a bigger car!! When are going in for beta? Will you test early? I am sure i’ll be crying with joy at your positive news, I just can’t wait. So much love and sticky vibes in your direction. Fran

    (ICLW post too!)


  2. First of all, let me say that I am so glad that you have got to transfer and that this is THE cycle for you.

    But I would not be me if I did not admit I’m concerned.


    I have to say I took a big inhalation of concern reading that news. High order Tx’s pretty much increase the odds of HOM pregnancies without increasing the overall odds of pregnancy.

    Hoping your tww ends with a healthy pregnancy.




  3. Hey there! Only just caught up on your blog and gosh, your news is JUST AWESOME!! How exciting for you! I’m sending you loads of sticky vibes and hope your BFP is just around the corner!! xx


  4. All the best for the 2ww Sam! Wow what amazing quality your embies are! Your state of mind for this cycle is so incredible, so full of thankfulness, perspective amd love. I can’t help but feel inspired by your attitude.


  5. This is going to be it my friend! When you say that you are already in love with what they could be, it send shivers down my spine because that it just it – it’s all about our hopes and dreams that we have for them, they might not be babies just yet but they are a part of us already.

    Hoping and praying as always.

    Hugs xxx


  6. Hi Sam, just read your blog for the first time. What a fantastic blog. It was lovely meeting you at our ER at Vitalab. I was the ‘crazy girl’ that came out asking the same questions over and over! Apologies, but I have no memory of those few minutes! So happy to hear you ET 4. Wow! I truly wish you and your delightful hubby all the best and hope you get that BFP this cycle. I will definately be keeping an eye on your progress. All the best.


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