Push to Day 5

Oh my word – can someone please tell Mother Nature to turn summer back on?  Cos I’m feeling decidedly like a duck – enough with the rain already… After battling traffic this am (why is it that people see rain and drive like morons?) we finally got to the clinic to have our day 3 embryology feedback with the FS.

We met all the couples who I had ER with in the waiting room this morning and they were all so positive and excited.  And funnily enough so was I.  I always get so emotional to see our embryo’s on the screen, it’s like those little bundles of cells hold so much hope and potential.  Those cells, they could be our children one day.  They might end up with my green eyes and temper and Cliff’s gorgeous legs… gets me everytime!

We were the second couple called back to have the big talk.  All of our embies are still alive and growing.  One is a real limper though, and it broke my heart to know that “he” was probably going to arrest in the next few hours or so.  Our other six are super.  One “excellent” quality 7 cell and 5 “excellent” quality 8 cells. 

Initially our FS wanted us to transfer 3 today and freeze 3.  We then discussed pushing them to day 5.  The FS we sat with said that there was no reason to not grow them onto day 5 and that considering that we’d grown embies to day 5 before that it would be a good option for us to consider.  His exact words were this “you’re not in this to get embryo’s for freezing, you’re in it to get pregnant”.

So a recap for my records, day 3 embies status were as follows:

  • 1 x 4 cell (limpy)
  • 1 x 7 cell
  • 5 x 8 cells

So onto day 5 our precious embryo’s go!  Please join us in prayer that they all continue to grow as they should.


20 thoughts on “Push to Day 5

  1. Stunning news Sam! All the best for Sunday! Hoping your embies grow strong and that you finally get to see those two lines on your HPT’s!!!


  2. That is all excellent news! If my IUI#4 is a bust this month I will be going straight for IVF. Your results make me feel so positive and excited about it! Good luck! (-:


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