Please donate!

I find it amazing that we connect with so many different people around the world through this blog community that we have going down on the world wide web.

We meet like minded people, we meet people from all walks of life and at times we meet people quite by accident who just plain inspire us.  I met Bianca and her mother through Sharon.  Bianca is a wonderful, inspiring little girl who has shown me the true fighting spirit that each and every one of us has hidden inside us.  Her Mom, Lea, has just recently stepped back into the working world and has been given permission by her bosses (how cool is that?) to have her head shaved by her little fighter in an effort to raise money for the fight of Cancer.

While I know many of us are not Kiwi’s, I would ask you to please search your heart and if you are led to, please donate/sponsor Lea and Bianca.  Cancer does not discriminate, and if you can help some children in New Zealand fight this disease right now through this initiative, perhaps in some small way your generosity will find it’s way back to children in your home town/country who are also facing the challenges and fight that this disease brings with it.

Head on over to the Whites of New Zealand to find out how to donate.

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