I know it’s silly to be worried about a fert report when you’ve always had good fertilization rates, but honestly one just never knows if they’ve fertilized or not and for me I find the wait to find out if they’ve fertilized or not THE most stressful part of a treatment. 

So I sat twiddling my thumbs this morning, totally not concentrating at work, talking to friends on skype, drinking loads of water and tea (still pushing those fluids, last time my OHSS only struck 2 days after ER) and pretty much doing anything and everything to make the time go by until I could call the lab just after 10h00.

Each minute was ticking by soooooo slooowwwly until finally it was time for the call.  I got voicemail. SHIT!  Called back right away, got a human, and then stood in the freezing cold (was standing outside my offices, top secret status on this IVF you know) waiting for that all important update…

S.E.V.E.N!  We have 7 beautiful embies growing.  I asked about the other 3 being “possibles” and she said there was no note about them… So 7, seven, seve, and 7 in whatever other language you can think of.  Thank you God!

Now we pray that they continue growing well…


20 thoughts on “Fertilized

  1. Well of COURSE you still worried. This is bloody important stuff we’re talking about here! Seven is an excellent, lucky number. Grow embies grow!


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