Double Digits

Egg retrieval went smoothly.  I love dormican and pethadine.  You come out of sedation so nicely…

We ten eggs out.  Ten.  A good solid double digit.  I must admit that I was expecting more considering the reactions of the doctors throughout my scans  leading up to the ER but I am SO, SO happy and grateful for the 10 wonderful eggs that we have got.

I had my second dose of intralipid drip directly after the ER, and it went very quickly.  The super hero vein did it’s  job well and my drip was done and dusted in just under an hour and a half.  I also had my very first gestone progesterone shot.  It was not too bad, although the injection site is now a little tender to the touch.  I got a really good tip from one of the IVF nurses, she said to rub my butt constantly to ensure that the oil gets distributed nicely through the muscle fibres.  Cliff’s gonna have a go at doing my jabs – so please send him lots of “good jab” vibes 😉  I’ll also be sticking estroderm patches onto my abdomen from tomorrow and taking estrofem tablets twice a day as well.

We came home and I had a nice snooze (the weather is aweful today so bed just seemed like the right place to be anyway) and now am up and about and feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

Now we just wait until tomorrow, when we find out how many of our eggs fertilized.  This to me is always the most “tenterhook” part of any IVF treatment, I mean you have so many pass/fail points along the way but the time between your ER and waiting to find out how many fertilized is a special kind of torture.

Come on eggies!  Fertilize and grow nicely for Mom and Dad now…


14 thoughts on “Double Digits

  1. Good Luck Sam. Its the first time I’m posting on your blog but I read up everyday. 🙂 Thanks for sharing & I am really praying that this is THE ONE.


  2. Glad to hear the ER went well, I must admit, after your follie count, I was also somewhat disappointed for you but 10 is still a good number.
    Re. the Gestone, definitely rub the spot afterwards otherwise it can burn a bit. Also alternate butt cheeks and try not inject in the same area, try to find different spots. The first 10 days or so of Gestone are fine, its after that that it really starts to hurt. I think one of my Gestone shots hit a nerve, its been 4 weeks since I last had one and I still have a numb/sore spot on my right butt cheek. Hope you have better luck with the Estraderm as well and don’t land up with a reaction like mine. I still have marks on my stomach more than 4 weeks on from them patches!
    All the best for Fert report.


  3. What a brilliant result! You have every reason to feel good about it!

    Another Gestone tip – sometimes it can be a bit sore to do all the rubbing, especially if you’re 1 – 2 weeks down the line, so I found that walking helped alot – up and down the stairs or on the treadmill at the gym.



  4. 10 is awesome my friend. You will be just fine, those eggs are going to fertalise beuatifully and before you know it your embabies will be back where they belong.

    Here’s to you, Cliff and your “little ones”!!

    Hugs xxx


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