Sjoe, it’s been a whirlwind two days.

Yesterday’s scan revealed all my follies growing nicely sitting at between 15 and 16+ mm (he measured about 4 per ovary) and told me that there is a “decent” second cohort growing on each side as well.  He told me to keep the water flowing freely and asked if I was feeling fine.  I said yes,  a little uncomfy but just fine thanks.  Then he dropped the E2 bomb on me – my E2 on Friday was 7000.  That me dears is high.  So he sent me off to the vampires lab to have another E2 done and told me he would call with further instructions once the results were in.  E2 yesterday had climbed to 11 500 odd – holy cow!  So I had 1 x amp of menopur and 1 x cetrotide for the day.

I then spent the day at The Rhema children’s Village in town.  What a great day.  This home started nearly 20 years ago as a small shelter where homeless kids could sleep for the night and have  a meal.  It is now a registered home which hosts up to 75 children at a time.  The kids were amazing and I sat on my knee’s and weeded the gardens with them.  When it came time to have a tour the kids were SO proud of their home and their rooms and what they are making of themselves, they showed us their report cards from school and were such well-mannered, well-adjusted kids that my heart and soul were both totally restored.  I’m definitely getting more involved there in future.  I loved my time there and of course the bear hugs I got from the kids just were the cherry on the top of an amazing day.

Then off this am to the clinic again for yet another early morning scan.  Lawrence scanned me (he was The Lone Ranger today – Stephan is doing the 94.7) and actually called me a chicken.  Asked me if I was clucking when I talked.  He’s such a card – what a honey!  He said I had “plench” of follies and that they were all doing well.  They are sitting at 18+mm today.  I’ve had another E2 and Progesterone blood test done this am and that means it’s time…

TRIGGER TIME!  I’m triggering with lucrin, so need to take 40ml at 20h00 tonight and then another 40ml tomorrow morning at 08h00.  ER is set for Tuesday morning at 08h00.  Interestingly, Lawrence told me that when they trigger girls (mostly PCOS patients) with lucrin it is way more “natural” than triggering with ovidrel or pregnal etc.  This helps them combat the dreaded over stim (OHSS).  So, as much as I still need to drink water like there is no tomorrow, we’re hopeful that the lucrin trigger will also keep the OHSS at bay…

Holy smokes y’all!  I cannot believe that it’s ER time already.  This cycle has literally flown and I just can’t believe it.  But I’m still feeling good.  I’m still positive that this one is going to be THE one.

What a ride it’s been up till now!

18 thoughts on “Already?

  1. Hey Sammie, so glad those follies are blooming on both sides. Please enlighten me with what the meaning of the E2 is and the high counts, pardon my ignorance! Holding thumbs for ER, holding thumbs for good eggies, holding thumbs for good embies and holding thumbs for Big Fat Positive!!!

    Drink, drink, drink – H2O that is!


  2. Looking fab! I also had the double Lucrin trigger on my second cycle to prevent OHSS and I was loads more comfortable without the excessive bloatig etc.


  3. Yay, what awesome awesome news!!! Good luck for ER!!

    Praying for you my friend!!!

    I love love my charity work, it’s soo rewarding and it’s kept me sane during my journey!!


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