Scan Update

Follies growing as they should – I have about 6 – 8 follies on the LHS and about 4 – 5 on the RHS (see lefties are over achievers 😉 ) all sitting at between 12+ and 13+ mm and my lining is (I have to say it myself) super at 10.5mm so all is moving along as expected.  Had 2 amps of menopur and 1/2 cetrotide today as well.

I am feeling my ovaries a lot more this time round – lots of aching and they get sore if I sneeze or cough, but I’m not complaining at all.  At least this way I know they are doing something.  And oh my hat, can a vet get excited about EWCM?  I don’t normally see this phenonmenan ever (thanks PCOS) so for me to have an abundance of the stuff is a HUGE deal. 

Other than that, still feeling all fine on the meds – no mood swings or funny business.  I just have to say that drinking 4.5 litres of water daily leads to a sad fact that you visit the loo A LOT… but if it helps keep the OHSS at bay (or lessen the symptoms of it if I do end up getting it) I’ll drink the ocean if I have to…

Scan again tomorrow!


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