Follie Gosh!

So the scan this morning was good 🙂

My lining is at 8.4mm and we have follies.  Lots and lots of follies.  Probably around 6 – 8 per ovary all at 11+mm.  I administered 2 amps of menopur and 1/2 a cetrotide today, will have 2 amps menopur & a full cetrotide tomorrow and have been told to up the fluid intake to a minimum of 4 litres per day to try and combat the ever lurking OHSS…

So I’m happy cos clearly my PCOS ovaries are responding well to the stim and my lining is looking really good this early in the game. 

I scan again on Friday morning.


15 thoughts on “Follie Gosh!

  1. Lets hope you can miss the OHSS! But having had OHSS before, the odds are not in your favour. I had loads of follies the last time and retrieved 16 eggs and landed up with Stage 2 OHSS so seriously Budg, you’ve got to do what you can to avoid the OHSS. I’ve read lots of literature that also says that eating a high protein diet helps!


  2. Come on the follies!!! This is a great news and i just couldn’t wait to get five minutes to check your blog! Well done follies and this is the beginning of a series of good news, I just know it! Fran


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