Relaxed Enough to Talk About Names

We had dinner with my family over this past weekend.  We were all talking about how wonderful it will be when this IVF works and what our plans would be to find out the baby(s) sex etc.

My Mom asked if we’d been thinking about names. (And I did not even freak out at her about jinxing stuff, see keeping all zen and calm on this one!)  Cliff pipes up and says if it’s twins we’ll name them “At last” and “Finally”.  

So there you have them.  The names of our one day babies.  At last. Finally.


10 thoughts on “Relaxed Enough to Talk About Names

  1. Glad to see Cliffs sense of humour is still going strong after the bumpy ride! I hope that At Last & Finally will be with you guys very soon. :0) xxx


  2. Terence initially suggested we call Bianca “Blacken White” because Black and White TV is cheaper than Colour TV 🙂 Or “Snow” because then she’d be Snow White. 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet At Last and Finally.


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