The Big Drip


I cannot believe that I’m already 7 days into IVF #3 and have been stimming since Friday and have had my first intralipid infusion this morning.  The stims are going well – on 2 amps of menopur per day and right now I’m doing well on them.  Not having any adverse reactions and am still being pretty much hormonally normal (ie: no menopur monster developing – lucky Cliff).  I did manage to nick a vein in my tummy on Sunday morning but otherwise all good.  Note to self:  Don’t rush the jab!  You will bruise!  Scan on Wednesday to check what is brewing on the inside.

Intralipids are interesting.  I was told to expect the drip to last anything from 3 – 4 hours and to make sure I had loads of padkos and to drink loads of water.  So armed with 6 muffins, 2 apples, 2 tubs of yoghurt, 2 litres of water, my laptop, 2 books and my cell phone I made sure I was ready for action.  In went the needle, out came the clear prep liquid and then came the lovely milk drip.  I was told to expect an achy feeling in my arm and shoulder as well as possible dizziness and nausea.  All I felt was a very slight ache in my shoulder.  I read blogs and chatted to some of the patients husbands (and scared the pants off them – the whole you know this is my fourth treatment and third fresh IVF thing… they were all first timers) who were waiting for their wives to get out from ER and just under 2 hours later my milk drip was done and dusted.  I now have a slight headache from it but am feeling right as rain and am at work listening to the rain beat against the windows.

I don’t know why but I’m always so amazed at how quickly time seems to fly when one actually gets going with treatment.  Any infertile will tell you that the waiting we do is ETERNAL.  And I know that many of you reading this are now nodding your heads and saying Amen sista!  Its like wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, until you start treatment and then all of a sudden time leaps into warp and before you know it you’re heading into ER and ET and then wham, you hit that brick wall as you slam into the wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait mode again during the two week wait.

I’m just grateful that we’ve got the opportunity at trying this again.  That with this attempt we have the chance of getting what we wanted again.  That this one, this lucky number 3 (or 4 if you count the FET) could very well be THE one.  The holy grail.  Oh how our heart’s are yearning for that.


12 thoughts on “The Big Drip

  1. wow Sam! This does seem to have come around rather quickly. Glad all is going well and symptoms are staying at bay thus far!
    Will be thinking and praying for you over the nest few weeks. x


  2. It’s been awhile since I have checked out “blog-land”. I am so excited to hear that you are doing IVF3#!!! I am keeping you in my prayers. I hope you have some wonderful news very very soon.


  3. It does speed by after so much waiting doesn’t it?

    When I went in for retrieval this time, I could pick out the newbies. Calm and collected, like another walk in the park for us, they bounce off the walls. I hope for them they will never need to get past that newbie category.

    Hoping, wishing, waiting with you.


  4. I’m so excited!! Did I say this already? When I did the intralipid myself, it only took a couple of hours, it took longer to get the needle in…unbelievable!
    So mind yourself now, keep warm and I can’t wait to read about you on wednesday!


  5. I always pack lots to eat when Bianca gets her IVIG transfusions which usually take 2.5 hours to run. I hate waiting for things.

    Lots of hugs, prayers and thoughts. I’m so pleased you have this opportunity.


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