Ouchie Bouchie Wouchie

Shame my poor little neice. 

She was running around at school yesterday and fell on some piece of pipe somewhere and has messed up her knee something aweful. 

Kay's knee

My sister called me in a state while she was rushing to the doctor to have it looked at and my niece was in high spirits.  It was just a little scratch she said, she was doing just fine, it was just bleeding a little bit when she bent her leg etc.

It was a very different story once he had seen the doctor, she called me to say that she only had three words for me – ouchie bouchie wouchie!  She got tetnus shots and had to have 5 stitches in her knee.  What I loved most was that she told me she’s taking it easy for the night and is out of doing her chores!  (Milking it for all its worth)

I was thinking to myself how hard it must be as a mother to see your kids hurt like this and to have to deal with these kinds of accidents in a calm, rational manner so as not to scare your child even though you are probably freaking out inside. 

And I have to admit that I cannot wait for our turn one day.


6 thoughts on “Ouchie Bouchie Wouchie

  1. That looked really nasty! (is that her knee, right?) and I hear you sister on wanting to be soon in that position yourself…I’m sure we’ll be well able to deal with it when the time comes! Love, Fran


  2. ouch!! As a mum with accident prone children… I can vouch for the fact that it sux more than anything when your kids get hurt or are sick! I would rather go through anything than see my kids have to do it!
    Your turn will come… and you will see! x


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