Popper no more

I popped what I hope is my last ever birth control pill this morning. 

Which would normally have meant eagerly (for once) awaiting AF’s appearance at my house but considering that I’ve been bleeding/spotting for 21 days straight now, it means that I’m going for a “CD2” scan on FRIDAY.  A mere 48 hours away and we’re heading into fresh IVF # 3 territory.

And I’m honestly so excited at the possibility that I might be celebrating a pregnancy sooner rather than later.  I know I keep harping on about this, but I have SUCH a good feeling about this treatment.  It feels right.  It feels like it’s going to be the one.


16 thoughts on “Popper no more

  1. I truly hope that this is the one my friend and I’m so glad that you are in a good headspace at the moment!!!

    Roll on IVF #3, what is it they say about lucky number 3??

    Hugs xxx


  2. So hoping that this one is the one and I am so glad that are going into this feeling positive. You must emotionally ready for this which is fantastic news. All the best!


  3. Oh my dear!! I’m really excited for you!! And I can’t wait to celebrate, you are in such a right place starting this cycle I can feel it’ll be different. I’ll be cheering you all the way. Fran


  4. I truly hope this is it my friend. That gut feeling can tell us alot if we listen carefully. Sending you big hugs filled with special love and support xxx


  5. thats great Sam! So much positivity! Wishing you all the best love and luck and faith in the world as you embark on a new cycle. I will be keeping you in my prayers x-x


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