Miracle Aha Moment!

I’ve had this on my mind for a while now.  I know that there are many people out there who believe that as Christian’s you should not seek out the help of ART.  That you should pray harder, practice more faith and just believe that God is going to bless you with children in His time.

I know that God’s time is perfect.  I know that He wants what is best for me.  I know that He loves me above and beyond my wildest imaginings.  And I know that through this journey of infertility He is shaping me, testing me, guiding me and moulding me.  Sometimes in ways I cannot fathom.

I was thinking a lot of how miracles happen all the time and how I was hoping that this time, the miracle would happen to us.  I was wondering if we were doing the right thing by moving ahead with our third fresh IVF.  During a conversation with a friend who is going through a tough time, it hit me. A miracle aha moment.

When one thinks about the miracles that Jesus performed, He had to work with something first to make the miracle happen.  Think about it.  Water into wine.  Five loaves of bread and two fish to feed five thousand.  Friends who had enough faith to lower a cripple man through the roof to his feet, a woman with a blood issue to touch him etc. 

I’m the calmest I’ve ever been going into a treatment.  Even my freaky bleeding has not really phased me overmuch.  I think I’m finally at the point where I can honestly say that I’m letting go and letting God.  I’m working with the doctors at my clinic so that God has something to work with to complete a miracle in my life.  Our 3rd fresh IVF is the work that we need to put out there, so that He can breathe life into my womb.

I’m believing for our miracle.  In a calm and “given over to God” manner.  I have faith that this is going to be it.  May His will be done.


15 thoughts on “Miracle Aha Moment!

  1. I Agree!! You have to give God something to work with. It is like the guy who wanted to win the lotto and every night prayed that God would let him win the lotto. In the end God sent him a message saying, then please buy a ticket!

    You cannot win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket – you can’t get pregnant if there is nothing to work with!

    I pray with you that this cycle is your miracle!


  2. I’ve always believed that. Even though I’ve been critized by some for putting my faith in Dr’s, this is simply not the case. We have to give God something to work with to create His miracles. I’m reminded of the joke about the man who wanted to win the lottery. And he kept praying and asking God and each week he wouldn’t win. And this went on for months and months and months and eventually one day he cried out to God, asking Him why he’s prayers weren’t being answered and God said to him: “Help me out here, buy a lotto tickets!” Silly example I know but seriously, we have to be willing to do the work in order for God to create the miracles!


  3. My friend, maye today I’m a bit too sad to see any miracle happening for us. With two ectopic pregnancies which have costed me both tubes after ICSI it’s very hard not to read the opposite message in ART for me. And I was the healthy one. I’m about to book my cycle for January trying to be optimistic, but it’s hard. I’m happy your are calm and accepting about this and I hope you can pass on to me some of your peace. Love, Fran


  4. Good post and very true it reminds me of the man who was trying to cross a fast moving flooded river. The angel kept telling him to walk down the banks but he would not because he said God would get him across. He tried to swim across and drowned and then said to God why did you not get me across safely and save me, I believed in you, God said you should have listened and walked down the banks of the river, there was a bridge there for you to cross safely. I guess we can say ART is the bridge to get to the other side. May you find a safe strong bridge to get you to the other side. Good Luck!


  5. While I do believe that God can make something out of nothing (which is how He made the Earth and all its inhabitants) it drives me NUTS when people condemn ART as godless. No one tells insulin-dependent diabetics to sit back and let God control their sugars! No one tells cancer patients to forgo treatment until God chooses to heal them! You are right, God is soveriegn even over your IVF cycle. He’s in control over whether those eggs fertilize and He’s in control over whether they implant. He’s there in the lab like He would be there in the bedroom. And He’s there with the same love for you, your husband and those tiny, four-celled embryos that He would have if you were all going about things “naturally.”

    I’m praying that this cycle gives you the child you so deeply long for, Sam. But even more so I’m praying that you can hold on to this peace and this connection to the God’s heart that you have now. I love you!



  6. I too am a Christian, working for our church. We did 2 IVF cycles in 2001/2 and then decided for years to “wait for our miracle”. Oh how I regret that. 6 years later and 6 years older, after the loss of our “miracle” adopted son, we decided to give ART another go. And now I am pg.

    One of our pastor’s wives had a long chat with me the other day about this whole thing. they have been TTC over 2 years and are facing the should we or shouldn’t we do IVF decision. She told me of another pastor’s wife who tried for 12 years on their own because people told them to “have faith”. They are now pursuing ART.

    Yes we must have faith. But yes, we also have God-given skills and knowledge which we should use, as per the examples people have used above.

    Go for it Sam! I don’t understand why we have had the journey we’ve been on, but looking back now I have never been more ready than now to bring a child into this world. Good luck to you, I pray that this cycle works for you.


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