Say What?

I don’t know about you guys but those word verification thingi’s really irritate the crap out of me.  I know and completely understand why people choose to use them – but personally they just annoy me. 

That being said I have seen some pearlers of late and thought I would put definitions to them – cos that’s how I roll… so here are the words that word verification spits at us with my own creative infertility slanted definitions…


We try aggin and aggin to fall pregnat


the place we WISH our conceptions would take place after all


what we all wish we had in this journey - hinsit which is 20/20


What we feel like when all pumped full of menopur


We wish we get O, sic ti at the end of a treatment cos it means BFP!

what we all lack on this journey! No more hurry up and wait for us!

What word verification pealers have you seen?  And have you ever tried to make up definitions like I did?


15 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. LOL Sam! I also hate them, especially the ones that are difficult to see. You know all mushed together, I often have to click on the wheel chair icon, as my eye sight isn’t the best ( I have astigmatism on top of very poor sight and most times I see double) and it makes me feel to damn stupid cos I can’t see the bloody words. Faaaark.


  2. Very funny. They irritate me too. But do people actually choose to add these to their blog or does it do it automatically. I’m glad that wordpress doesn’t automatically do this.


  3. Hahhah! Brilliant! I also used to find them irritating, and some of them still are (like the very long ones that make no sense at all) but some are cute and funny. Or scary. like when I got “mother” to type (biiiig positive feeling) but then I saw also “ematica” (and I just knew it wasn’t good).


  4. I love these! They’re hilarious. I can’t think of the ones I’ve seen, although I remember thinking some were funny. I did have someone post on a comment to my blog that there verification word was “sperm” which doesn’t really require much imagination, eh? LOL! Great post!


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