There’s No Place Like Home

Last week I was travelling for business. 

I left late on Tuesday evening and arrived in Cape Town late that night.   I had been pre-prepared to expect the sound of a train at about 04h30 but after arriving late at night and not being familiar with the bed and the sounds of the flat I was staying at freaking me out (trees’ branches were scraping the windows – very eerie) I only fell asleep at about 02h00 and then this train comes rattling past my window and in my confusion I thought it was the office lady arriving for work and banging on the door.  So picture it, I jump out of the bed, bang my head on the TV stand, race downstairs, and open the door to fresh air – only then did I realised that it was the bloody train making that racket.  I spent the whole day in meetings and doing store visits and then finally got home to kick up my heels to realise that my options of TV viewing were extremely limited.  Thankfully I got a good night’s rest and Thursday was busy, busy, busy rushing from store to store then battling traffic to get to the airport to fly to Durban.  I again landed late and was collected by my friend Mich’s husband.  What a nice time I had with her.  It was SO good to catch up and meet her little miracle.  Then off to the Pavilion shopping centre it was to do store visits with my Durban team and then back to the airport where my flight was delayed by two hours! 

Everyone always thinks that travelling for business is so glam and fun – and while I do admit it *can* be for the most part I’ve realised that I’m a home body, I love my bed and my pillows, I love my DSTV, I love being around my husband (even tho I sometimes want to kill him) and I love being with my hounds.

It’s so true my friends – there truly is no place like home.


13 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. I liked to travel for business, but you are right, it’s a lot of crap at the same time.

    When I travel, I spend extra to stay in my hotel rooms and get room service. Just me and my tray of food and the remote control. Ahhhh. Luxury.


  2. I feel the same way about work travel. Sometimes the idea of being sent somewhere fun and new is vastly overrated. But I guess that’s what it takes to realize that you truly would rather stay in with the hubby and appreciate those evenings. I spent a lot of time over the years trying to resist that I just don’t love travel (esp for work) like other people do. Now I embrace my home-bodi-ness!


  3. Next time you’re in Cape Town, give me a shout and we can ‘do coffee’ (decaf) or something to save you from the shortage of things to watch on telly.


  4. I love the thought of travelling for business (I’m considering going to China for a conference next year!) yet when I’m away I miss home and DH quite a lot and the smile returns on my face on the flight home…
    much love Fran (on ICLW duty!)


  5. Budg, the happiest day of my life was the day that a new whacker was employed at our company that took over the CPT/DBN trips from me. I hated them. You’re so right…. there’s no place like home!!!


  6. Hopefully you wont need to do it too often but sounds like you made good use of the trip. Being forced to work away from home certainly makes one appreciate it more. Glad you’re back safe! xx


  7. with my line of work, I never have to travel for business! (Unless I choose to do a course outta town!) So to me … it sounds v. glamorous, but it is always nice to come back home to YOUR bed and YOUR sofa etc…


  8. I used to love travelling with work, not any more, perhaps it’s middle age kicking in (!) but I just love being at home, with the people (human and furry) that I love.

    Welcome home babe! x


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