What’s on your desk?

Today as I was furiously arranging for my team to receive stock and merchandise it all correctly this week I looked at my desk and thought to my self – Blimey!  This desk is M-E-S-S-Y!

It’s not normally like this but today for some reason – it is… It looks like this today:































So what’s on your desk today?


3 thoughts on “What’s on your desk?

  1. ha ha! I have 2 calendars, a stress ball with the Earth printed on it, a photo of my dogs (lame, I know), a water bottle, glass, computer, docking station, a pen holder, my cellphone, notebook, pot plant and a sign my hubby made for me that says “Hang in there baby” with a cat holding onto a branch. I like to be neat so I clean my desk often and file away stuff (ja, I know Im a nerd!)


  2. Oh my gosh! My desk is a mess but its that time of year. I have loads of STUFF all over the place about 5 different note books per retailer detailing all my plans etc.
    I need to try and get organized!


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