Saying Cheers but not Goodbye

Today is the day before my dear friend moves to George. 

Sam & M













Her life there is going to be immeasurably blessed, she’s going to live by the ocean (I’m green with envy really miss the ocean), and she’s going to be growing her twins in her belly and watching them grow up and frolic in the waves…

It sounds like bliss.  But it makes my heart sad.  Cos I will miss her very much.  I still remember when we were the first two little farts on Fertilicare, I remember how nervous I was to meet her for the first time, cos it’s one thing to like someone via your computer screen and another to like someone in real life.  But I was nervous for naught.  She was (and is) as divine in real life as she was on the computer.  We have shared many a laugh, many a sad time and many a good dinner and mojito together.  We’ve been pampered together and she’s laughed unmercifully at my sometimes inadequate golf swing.

So while I wish her all the best for the move and her new life in George by te sea, my heart is heavy today.  Thankfully we live in the day of the internet, twitter, skype and msn.  So as much as I’m going to miss her, right now I’m saying Cheers but not Goodbye.

All the best Super M – you better stay in touch, otherwise I’ll have to come and box you 😉 (any excuse to come visit you know?)

The Goodbye Group


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