New Stuff

I’ve been doing some new stuff in terms of my ceramics of late, but have been very lax at sharing what I’ve been doing, so I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve been doing.

I did this awsome pot – I want to plant some mother-in-laws tongue in it and place it in my front garden but then I think to myself it’s too nice to put to waste in the garden…











This is the other side of the same pot













I saw a picture of this next one in a magazine – it was a wall fresco and I thought it would look great on a plate (I’m waitin for it’s partner a black back background with white detail to come out the kiln – can’t wait to see how it turns out)















I did these cute fat ladies on a salad bowl for my sister in law – but I think next time I do it I’ll put them on some sand – I think the blue all round is just too much blue now that it’s all done














I loved doing these Stargazers – but man alive were they hard work!  Hard work that I think paid off extremely well…













Some others that I liked doing are the daisy platter and the circular tree










17 thoughts on “New Stuff

  1. Oh my goodness they are exquisite! Please e-mail me a quote for 2 of the black and white ones as well please. My mom lives in Jhb so they won’t be put through the trauma of courier to CT.


  2. You are so good Sam!!

    I really think I might have to make a plan to get my ass to classes with you…

    I love love love the black and white one, I also really love the fat ladies on…please do me one for Emm, she loves fat ladies!!

    I also love your pot, my goodness you have a good eye!


  3. Loved everything, but especially the round tree and the white plate with black plants and butterflies. That looks like something you’d buy at chic boutique!! 🙂


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