It’s really not so nice

I’m a potty mouth.  I like to swear.  I really believe that at times there is nothing quite like a well timed, well uttered expeletive.

But honestly?  It’s really not that nice to hear too much swearing from a woman’s mouth.  So I’m really doing my best not to swear too much.  And it is working – well most of the time.

At times other than most – um not so much.

But I am getting better.  I don’t think that I’ll ever give swearing up completely – cos hello, sometimes “FUCK!” or “SHIT!” is the only right response to something, but I will ensure I cut down.  Drastically.

Cos I just don’t want people to think that cos potty mouth is not nicem, that by association I’m not nice.


16 thoughts on “It’s really not so nice

  1. I hear you Sam, you are so right. I never used to swear either and do so more and more and it’s not nice. I know if I had children I would not swear at all but because I don’t I do.


  2. My great grandmother used to curse like a sailor…and she was very much a lady! She was loved by everyone who ever met her…I think you just have to find a way to do it with style and grace. 😉


  3. I agree. There are just some things that require the use of swearing. And sometimes it just slips out, but oh well.

    I love Curley Wurley’s also! They are delish.



  4. I swear quite a bit, but rather more on the ‘bollocks, piss, arse and shite’ end of the scale. Yes, sometimes all at once. Also, ‘gobshite’ is one of my very favouritest words and I simply cannot give it up 🙂



  5. hi Sam
    I sometimes (in private) have a potty mouth …I used to be worse . Now it is more under my breath or in my head IYKWIM now I have echos and repeaters.
    ICLW Trish MY little Drummer boys #125


  6. I tend to mumble most of the choice words under my breath, so it never gets out…but I have a few lesser cuss words that are almost my callsign. But it irritates me when my colleagues tell me that I use them a lot…coz, they use dirtier words than me!


  7. My Gran said sometimes the only way to not swear is to say a similar word with real feeling…being an old english woman, her favourite was Frock…as in dress…she could say that word with heaps of feeling and emotion without blushing…try it, it’s almost as good as the real thing, with none of the bad side-effects – like zero calorie chocolate cake.


  8. I have had to cut back because of teaching. I have inadvertently offended some of my more conservative or reserved students, so now I warn them if an example has swearing in it or I just say lame things like “effing” and “a-hole.” When you are quoting mental patients and abusive parents, it can be hard to capture the moment with tame words!

    And sometimes cussin’ just feels goood!


  9. I am the same way! A bad word just makes you feel better sometimes, but what do people think about it? Personally, I think they’re just words, but I know other people don’t feel that way.


  10. LOL you are so bad! Hey what is your line of work, you were in taba and sharm so i am thinking multi national forces (whatever its called) maybe? anyway keep up the good work of toning down the pottiness, LOL!


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