What’s in a name?

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my Dad.  Right now we’re not sure of anything.  Because he is so far away, information is extremely sketchy from him about his diagnosis.  We know after his visit to SA he was hospitalised for 6 – 8 days (he told me 6, he told my sister 8 and my mom a short while).  We know he has had bone marrow taken for testing (sorry if I’m not using the correct term here, this is all new to me…). According to him those tests were inconclusive (anyone know if he’s talking nonsense here so that he does not scare us?) and he has had a second lot taken for further testing.  Once I know what the deal is, believe me I’ll be venting sharing here.

Right so onto the point of this post – what’s in a name?  We’re in the thick of ICLW (and if you’re not – why on earth not?  Sign up for next month) and I’ve been reading a lot of new blogs and leaving comments all over the place and I’ve been noticing some really cool blog names.  Many names are based on what people believe, or are based on the fact that they’re travelling the IF road, or it’s their family name and so on and so forth.  Some are creative, some have negative connotations, some have positve connotations and some even include my favourite words (rainbow, fart 😉 ).

I decided to choose “Communique” as my blog name, cos I felt like I needed to have this outlet be more than just about my battle to conceive.  I needed it to be an extension of the way I communicate with people.  Hence the name.

So blog buddies – spill, what made you decide on the name you gave your blog?  How did your blog name come into creation?


17 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Our blog name is pretty boring – our surname is White and we live in New Zealand hence “Whites in New Zealand”. Hubby set it up after Bianca was diagnosed and he wasn’t very creative with coming up with a name, but oh well. I always read about ICLW – pls tell me what this is.

    I’ll email you re leukemia testing and stuff.


  2. I chose my blog name for similar reasons to you, and also to signify traveling life’s journey with sensitivity, compassion and a little bit of thought before rushing through each experience!


  3. Mine is Not a Fertile Myrtle. When we were first going through IF testing my doctor told my t o try like I was a Fertile Myrtle…a common phrase where I’m from for someone who gets pregnant easily.

    So when I was thinking of a blog name I chose that one. I should have been smart like you and chose a more generic one since I tend to blog about a little of everything.


  4. Um cause I really am still wishing 4 one or two or three. I dont know it just came to me back in 2006 and I liked it and it has stuck. People call me Wishy now too, and that is cool. I love your blog title, it so sums up a blog that could be about anything. Mine is about everything in addition to IF, but i think by the the name they know the main reason i started it, but now its outta control man.- ICLW


  5. Mine actually came from my husband. Sort of. He complains about and loves my “shiny object syndrome.” We go out for a hike, we wander every where. In wonder. Hence Wandering Wonderment.


  6. MY blogs name was originally The Fertile Infertile because my secondary infertility manifested itself through repeat pregnancy losses. Back in February, I gave my blog and overhaul, changed the template, changed the colors, and changed the name. The Fertile Infertile became Dragondreamer’s Lair. When I debuted the changes, I said that the new “name represents the willingness to believe in the seemingly impossible. It represents the ability to stretch your definition of who you are and what you are capable of. It represents me and what I have become.”

    Happy ICLW


  7. I came up with the name of my blog when I was thinking about writing a book about this IF journey that I’m on. I like the pun in Baby Steps…taking baby steps to get to the baby.



  8. I never really put much thought into it, I just wanted something vaguely snappy.

    I certainly don’t have an interest in the movie of similar name, I didn’t think about that connection until too late. ALso, the url is a bugger to type.

    Next time, if there is one, or I can face shifting url, I’d pick a SHORT url. That’s much more snappy and findable, I reckon.



  9. I chose “No Regrets” to help remind myself to continue moving forward in a way that will never lead me to regret. I don’t want to have any of those “if only we had…” thoughts 10 years from now. It really does apply to all areas of my life, but I tend to stick to the IF talk for the most part. (-;


  10. I chose my blog name because for me that’s what my journey has been all about. One long hard lesson after another and how it has humbled me in so many ways. Knocked me off my perch and replaced my pride with shame and humiliation. That and the fact that ‘Jelous, Angry, Bitter Rants all about ME!’ didn’t seem to have the same ring to it ;0)


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