His Grace

When I was a littlie our family used to go to church often, we went to a charismatic church and I grew up believing that Jesus died on the cross for me and that He had washed my sin away. 

As we got older and moved more and more (12 schools in 12 years of schooling – nuff said) we lost a lot of our faith as a family.  We all believed in God and Jesus but we were not good at practisign what we believed in.  My father was in a dangerous profession and thankfully he always made it home in one piece, time after time after time. 

We grew up and flew the coop but still did not practice our beliefs.  I got married and my Dad did a brief stint in Iraq working for a security company and had two VERY VERY close calls while over there (maybe one day I’ll blog about them).  Two years after my wedding my folks split up.  It was sudden (although in hindsight it probably was not that big a shock) and rocked our family to the core.  My Mom and sister went back to church and re-affirmed their lives to the Lord.  I went along one Sunday and also re-affirmed my life to the Lord.

All the while my father kept saying how he believed in God but would not ever set foot in a church again.  He recently moved to the UK and ended up in Whales and has not been well at all of late.  In fact the doctors there suspect that he has leukemia. (I’m freaking out for him! He’s all alone there guys – with nobody to look after him at all)

Recently my Mom has been councelling him to seek out the Lord cos we never know when our time is coming.  She has not been pushing him but she has been coaxing him to think about it before it’s too late.  Yesterday she got a text from my father asking her if she knew of a church like ours in Whales.  Coming from someone who has not set foot in a church at all for well over 30 years – this is just HUGE.  I cannot be more grateful to God for His grace in this situation.  My Dad probably does not have much longer on this earth (please God he gets to meet my children before he leaves us).  I would be devastated to think that he’s passed without giving his life to the Lord.

I’m so hopeful that he’s asked to go to church.  At least then I’ll know that if the worst comes to the worst he won’t be alone.  And that makes me feel so much better, it makes me feel that we’ll be able to handle whatever it is that is wrong with him.


16 thoughts on “His Grace

  1. O Sam, such horrible and good news all jam packed together. I pray that his heart finds its way to God’s heart that he finds some comfort in his time of illness. Just remember God is with him, church or no church.

    It often time takes life changing events to lead us back to realising our dependence on Him.

    Thinking of you in this difficult time.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad Sam, Sending you and your family all my thoughts and prayers. I believe that God loves all his children because of who God is…not because of who we are or what we have done. God is in our hearts and not just in church. I’m sure he is watching over your Dad for you as he always has. ((HUGS))


  3. I’m so happy for your dad’s decision, but I’m so sorry to hear that things are not going well with him. Is he getting treatment? What type of leukemia? It must be such a scary and anxious time for you! Know that you all are in my prayers and thoughts.


  4. I echo Suzy, and also pray that if it is leukaemia, he still has many good years left. A friend’s dad lived a (mostly) good life for 10 years after his diagnosis. I pray too that he will meet your children one day soon.


  5. Sam, so sorry to hear the news about your dad, will you be coming over to visit soon? Sending you lots of positive thoughts and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Much love, Fran


  6. So sorry about your dad, but so hopeful he’ll find the Lord.
    Jesus is the only One who keeps me sane through infertility. I honestly wouldn’t be lost without Him.

    MK (ICLW)


  7. It is wonderful that your dad has decided to go back to church. I wish your whole family all the best as your father finds out what is going on and takes the steps to get better.

    *Big hugs!*


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