He’s Fine :)

The procedure was fine, all done and dusted by 14h00.  Cliff is doing well, has a little bit of pain but is good. (Thank God!)

I’m peeved.  Not at my dear hubby, but at the urologist who did the procedure for him.  The dude did not even bother to pop his head round my hubby’s bed after the procedure to make sure he was ok.  We now have to schedule an appointment (surely if a follow up is required you schedule one as standard when confirming the procedure and inform your patient of said appointment date and time?) at an additional consulation fee cost to us to find out what if anything they found while hubs was under.  And that annoys me.

Cos now we’re left in limbo.  Is everything fine, is there something serious going down in there?  I’m assuming (as hubs is) that if it were something serious that the doc would have seen him sooner rather than later, and that is what we’re sticking with for now.  Until we can get him an appointment.  Then we’ll know for sure.


17 thoughts on “He’s Fine :)

  1. Glad to hear Hubby is home safe and sound. I’m sure the follow up appointment will bring good news. Totally unacceptable service from the surgeon though!


  2. I’m so glad to hear he’s doing so well Sam. I’m sure the Doc would have seen you guys immediatly if there was something wrong, so take this as a good sign 🙂


  3. Glad to hear that your hubby is fine. I have to agree with you and the 2 previous comments. If something was wrong you would have heard something. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. But disappointing service from the doc especially since you pay so much when it comes to this sort of thing.


  4. Gosh Sam that must have been hectic for both of you, going in for tests like that must be scary. I am glad C is OK, the urologists’ no show” is certainly a sign that it is nothing serious but you probably both feel anxious till you have the final OK. It still shocks me how these so called “specialists” give such bad service. Please give C our best.


  5. It drives me crazy when they do that – when they can’t be bothered to spend any time to at least say “we know x” or “we don’t know anythini but will tell you”. Hope he’s okay.


  6. Glad DH is okay. I also think it’s very bad that the doctor didn’t bother to speak to you guys after the op, my DH is always late coming home after sugery because he’s speaking to the patient and/or their families. BTW you cannot be charged for the follow-up consultation, it’s all included in the op’s fee.


  7. Gosh, Sam, I can see why you are peeved. They should always give at least a preliminary overview before sending you home. I’m sorry this happened, but am glad to hear that C is doing well.

    I’ve had the cysto before and it was worse than any IF procedure I have ever done. They told be beforehand that if nothing was wrong it would be really easy, but if something was wrong I would be in extreme pain. I didn’t fully know what was wrong (nor did I care) during the procedure…but ouch.


  8. I agree with your Dh petal, if there was something serious they would have told you there and then. Certainly it’s not nice that the dr didn’t bother to come around, you might mentioned this at the follow-up visit!!
    big hugs to you both, Fran


  9. So glad hes OK! I hate when docs dont bother to give some info–it makes the mind wander! Have every hope hes healing nicely–Im sure you are a great nurse!


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