Man Down

My poor hubby is going to be ‘man down” today. 

A few months ago he discovered that he was having trouble passing urine.  No biggie right – a quick and costly visit to the urologist later, he came home armed with many many antibiotics and a three month course of mootie to fight was diagnosed as a bacterial infection of the prostate.  Very common in men his age.  Nothing to worry about at all.

Until two and a bit months into it all, the problem came back.  Another quick and costly visit to the urologist became the reason why he is man down today.  I dropped him at the hospital (and made sure he was comfy and looking hot in his hospital gown) to have a cystoscopy today.  A scope up his penis.  To check if he is ok inside.  And a possible prostate massage while under as well.

While I mocked him initially and said it was about time he knew what all the probing and scanning and operations felt like (hello dildo cam anyone? laparoscopy x 3 anyone? etc etc etc) he really was quite nervous for the procedure this morning.

We hope there is nothign major happening inside his broken penis.  We hope that is it somethign as simple as a blocked urethra.

If you have time, spare a thought or prayer for my dear hubby who is right now man down on an operating table finding out if his broken penis can get fixed.


12 thoughts on “Man Down

  1. Shame Sam, poor man. They take these things alot harder than us girls. I will kepp you both in my thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome today!


  2. Oh sorry to hear this bad news about the man! I hope you’re armed with his favourite foods and ready foot massages because there is nothing more sad than a man who has gave a delicate operation. They are just not as tough as we are… Hoping all will be fixed without too much more hassle.


  3. Oh God, just thinking of it gives me the shivers…

    I have been witness to BIL needing a tube up his penis…and I know that it hurts…

    I am hoping that your husband does not have any pain…and that they find the root cause of his trouble and have a quick and solid fix for it.

    My best wishes are there with you….


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