People Watching

I love to people watch, aside from eating it’s probably my favourite thing to do.  I love watching the way they interact with others, the way they walk the way they talk – I think homosapiens are a most interesting species 🙂

Since starting my new job on Monday (which is going fantastically well so far, found a new route which has hardly any traffic so yay!) I’ve had a lot of opportunities to people watch from my new office.  My new office overlooks a large portion of the open plan office and it’s been fun to see everyone in their work environment from the outside.

I don’t want to pull a Dooce and get too much into the specifics here but I’m facsinated by the hip swinging action of the one girl who works here – man alive she needs a jungle gym for that swing.  And the one assistant who flits like a butterfly.  The guy who is really self conscious everytime he walks into the bathroom (which is right by my door)…

What I also find so interesting is the fact that as the new girl when everyone walks around and does their thing everyone sureptisiously looks in at me to check me out.  I love catching them doing it too – cos their reactions to me cathing them out speaks volumes as to their characters etc.

I think having this eagle vision office is going to be great fun 🙂


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