New Beginnings

Today marks the start of my new beginnings.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to know that the new beginnings of today hold so many possibilities for the future.

One thing  I will say for this new beginning is that I *seriously* underestimated how hectic the traffic would be to my new office block… I knew I was getting myself into a more hectic traffic pattern but oh my golly gosh!   My poor body is taking strain – firstly after nearly two years of only waking up at approximately 07h00 and leaving home at 08h00 to miss all the traffic on the way to work, this morning I had to kick start the habit of waking up WAAAAY before the sparrows fart at 05h40!!  Then I left home at 06h45 thinking that this would give me more than enough time to get to my new job on time… to hit hectic traffic!!  I only got to work at 08h10!  That equates to and hour and 25 minutes in the car people…

So now the plan of waking up action has to be amended slightly to waking up at 05h30 (oh my soul) and leaving the house at 06h30… I’m going to see if that 10 minutes grace makes the difference… (it’s weird but it really does seem to make a huge difference in most instances if one just leaves 5 – 10 minutes earlier).

That being said like I told my friend on twitter earlier today, I am just happy to be out of the shithole company I used to work for 🙂

So lift your virutual glass and toast with me – Here’s to New Beginnings!


14 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Is there a way to conense your morning activities in the house?

    Sleep deprivation got me much less fussy about where I ate my breakfast or drank my coffee.

    Mind you, I also get to work looking pretty scruffy.



  2. I loathe traffic. I’m a wake up at 5AM kind of girl to be out the door by 6. It took some time to get used to, but that was 8 years ago and now it is just my new normal. I’m hoping yours becomes this way soon. That transition is brutal, but the payoff for a happier work-life is so worth it!


  3. Cheers to the new job Sam! I’m sure once you find a better route to work through the less hectic back roads it will cut your travel time in half. Good luck with the navigating!


  4. Glad your traffic today was better. There are about a million different back roads to take to Woodmead so you’ll probably have to play around to find the perfect route.
    And getting up at 05h30 is not so bad, you’ll get used to it! 🙂


  5. I hate hate hate traffic, it was the reasons I started smoking again and one of the reasons I decided to quit my job. It took me two hours in the morning to get to work and I left at 6. Blegh! Hope to NEVER do that again. But as you said, it’s better than being at your last job, so cheers to new beginnings! On all levels!


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