Things that have made me happy this week…

Despite a rather stressful start to the week, there have been a few things that have made me happy! 

  • Lets start with the fact that I finally got my salary cheque out of my (officially) ex company and managed to pay my bills without any slur to my name
  • Spring has sprung!  And the best thing that comes with spring is the flowering of my Jasmine bushes – the smell wafts gently on the breeze and fills our house with the smell of Spring – I love it!


  • I treated myself to some pretty toes!!  After all the stress in getting my salary out of my (officialy) ex company I felt I really deserved it – was probably one of the best pedi’s I’ve ever had in my life!  Granted I’ve only had two proper nail painting pedis todate but this one was BY FAR the best one ever!


  • I had my hair done!  Some nice blondish hilights were mixed in with my current hair colour and now I look like this and I like it – a lot!



On thing that has made me a little unhappy though is all the weight I’ve picked up since my last IVF failed, holy crap!  It’s time to stop messing around, eating so much junk and to start taking my supplements, eathing healthy and getting my bigger ass to the gym!

What’s made you happy this week??


14 thoughts on “Things that have made me happy this week…

  1. I’m loving your low lights, they look great, softens your colour around your face. As for the Pedi, all I can say is Glynis was trained by the best ( *wink*wink*) and thats why NOBODY can do a Pedi like that!!! Hope you made all your appointments with her for the remainder of the year as she gets really busy!


  2. You look gorgeous Sam! I love jasmine, wish I still had my bush, but the gardener took it upon himself to take my bush out, he’s now my officially ex-gardener!!
    So happy that you got your salary out of those jerks!!
    Spring makes me happy, simple as that!


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