Spitting Mad!!!!

This moring I woke up and had a little thought to myself – “did I get paid this month?’  You see I get a text message everytime I get paid and this month I had not seen my text informing me that my salary had been paid into the ole bank account.

So I checked and I have not been paid!  I’m so spitting mad!!!  After two calls to the payroll department and the HR department at my shithole current company I was told it’s company policy to not pay those who resign until their last day, but that does not sit well with me.  # 1 cos I’ve got debit orders that I need to have cash in the bank to cover and now it looks like I’m a bad credit risk # 2 cos they paid the other guy who resigned the same day I did & # 3 cos they are just doeses and are being “off” to me cos I took this week off to recover from my lap…

*sigh*  At the end of the day this little tete a te has just reafirmed so many of the reasons why I’m getting out of there!

But I’m still spitting mad!


14 thoughts on “Spitting Mad!!!!

  1. That sucks no end!! Specially if they did pay someone else who resign the same day as you did!! shitheads that’s what they are. You can’t be out of there quick enough. ahh not long now. How are your stitches? I still have mine and they don’t seem to disolve at all…I wonder…Shell I just get them off? It’s been a week since my procedure, I’m tired of the Frankinstein’s belly! much love, Fran


  2. Erm, not on at all!!!!!! Seriously, I would phone the CCMA if I were you, just to find out about your rights, they are very helpful, I think they need to pay your monthly salary, even if it is only on the last day of the month, and then pay you the rest on your last day. Hope it gets sorted soon. Sounds to me like your ‘boss’ has something to do with this. There really is something wrong with him.

    And congrats on your new job, I’m so so happy for you! And yay for the stunning lap results!!!!


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