On the Eve…

…of my 3rd laparoscopy I’m feeling slightly nervous, slightly anxious and funnily enough also a little excited. 

Nervous cos well I wil always get a bit nervous before a surgery and Lord knows I’ve had a few.  I’ve had a wisdom teeth extraction, a bladder op and two laparscopies – heading for # 3.  Anxious cos I’m really hoping that my endo is not too bad tomorrow – I really don’t want to have to face the fact that my endo is getting worse and is growing back at a rate of knots making the time between treatments less and less…

And the excitement?  This feeling stems from the fact that I’m really hoping that this will be my third and FINAL laparoscopy, that my insides will be good and clean and fresh so that when we decide to have that all important third fresh IVF my insides will be in the BEST possible shape and that it will contribute towards a successful attempt. 

I’m drinking my last glass of wine before my 3rd laparoscopy – so Cheers to Lap # 3 🙂


11 thoughts on “On the Eve…

  1. Wishing you all the best for #3 tomorrow. You are in my prayers and I know all will go well. Please keep me updated on how you feel.

    {Strongs my friend}


  2. Don’t worry about a thing… cos every little thing is gonna be alright… I said don’t worry… about a thing, cos every little thing is gonna be alright!



  3. You’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow, it’ll be ok I’m sure, and you’ll be perfect for your next (and final!) IVF. Lots of love, let us know as soon as you feel up to it, Fran


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