All it took…

…was my little post and hey presto AF arrived on my doorstep literally a few hours later.  So that’s that.  Laparoscopy # 3 is booked and paid for (well except for the anethetist) and next week Tuesday I’ll be heading into theatre for the 3rd time.

I’m feeling ok about it I guess.  A little nervous (cos who is not nervous when going under) but mostly I’m apathetic – I just want to get it over with so that I can know for sure if my endo has come back or not and if it is back to have it cleared up so that I’m in good shape internally for our next treatment.

I’m pretty sure that the fact I’m soon to start my new job is helping me deal with the upcoming surgery better – focus is elsewhere right now.  And that’s not such a bad thing.

Roll on 25.08.2009!


11 thoughts on “All it took…

  1. So glad all is going to plan. Can I ask which stages of endo they found in your first 2 laps? I’m wondering if I need to think about going in for #2 after all those blasted fertility drugs. Hugs…


  2. My dear, it’ll be worth it I’m sure!! Definitely having an op, for a small as it can be, is a bit worrying, but you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers and I’m sure it’ll be ok! Lots of love, Fran


  3. All the best Budg! And I’m with you, anyone who says they’re not nervous before surgery, no matter how minor must be telling a lie!!!


  4. Hi Sam

    I am so so happy for you wrt to new job! Praise God and thank you for sharing your testimony. All the best for your lap next week and may you have a speedy recovery. Enjoy the days at home in bed and take it easy.Thanks for your sms. Also sent you an email last week.



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